Viral Vector Production

About OSU Viral Vector Production

Viral vector production at The Ohio State University is completed in the lab of Dr. Lei Cao, Professor in the Department of Cancer Biology and Genetics in the College of Medicine. The production of viral vectors is an important technological resource for investigators, within and external to the Ohio State University.

Dr. Cao and her lab offer researchers access to cutting-edge vector technology tailored for preclinical investigations and various fundamental research purposes. These studies, employing meticulously crafted viral vectors, play a pivotal role in elucidating gene functionality and advancing the design of therapeutic vectors.

The Cao Lab provides this service at cost and the cost is dependent on the yield of the viral vector. Typical vectors produced are 1e12 viral genome and the costs range from $2,300 – $2,800. This cost for typical vector production is not only competitive and consistent with other vector producers at similar academic institutions, but the cost is for materials only.