Studio Practice – Amy Youngs

The American Nightmare: A Vocational Adventure, Colin Moreland
Overworking oneself is not uncommon nowadays, and for many, the constant stream of work can feel like a never ending nightmare. In this short film, stop-motion is used to illustrate the disorienting feeling of both extreme stress and being in a dreamlike state. This allows me to portray the darkness of corporate slavery in a lighthearted, humorous manner.


Nice Trip, Chancis Green
Hand-drawn animation centering around a rabbit named Ezmil, who’s attending a house party with his friend. During the party, he’s approached by a woman who offers him an unknown drug. After some peer pressure Ez takes said drug and is thrown into a trip that is foreign, yet familiar to him.

Uterurban, Ada Huang
By rendering a prototype of an 3D imaginary city, I hint at present relations among labor, industrialized mechanism, and production.

Poem by Wislawa Szymborska, 1996. Video by Ada Huang


Flourish, Jon Larkin
Life will always prevail and reemerge in new ways, through lands that were occupied by humans. I speculate about what the world after us would be like, when we let life flourish uninterrupted. How would this new world become as our bodies become habitats for this new age? Medium: 3D animation


Trapped, Julia Chen
The story is inspired by the popular trend of body positivity on social media these days. My hope with this artwork is to help people realize that there has never been any standard to judge others. Everyone is unique and worthy of being loved. Medium: 2D animation


LOVE, Zachary Upperman
As we all walk this Earth we desperately try to fit in and survive. The biggest threat, in my eyes, is when people label others as something they aren’t and then these labels drag them down – as I am someone who is affected by labeling. I want this project to remind others that love is stronger than anything and that as long as you are loved by others and you love yourself, anything is possible. Materials: String and thumbtacks


Harmony, Jackak Mapis
An interactive, acrylic sound sculpture that aims to mix both Western and African artistic influences.


Cube, Austin McCauley
I want the viewer to interact with the large puzzle and to feel a sense of being overwhelmed. I have achieved this by creating a puzzle that takes time, trial and error to solve. The puzzle is large to enhance the feeling of being overwhelmed. Once the viewer solves the puzzle it creates a sense of satisfaction just like the feeling you get when you overcome something. Materials: wood, pvc, and paint.


Paralysis, Olivia Storey
Paralysis​ is a twenty page comic created using hand drawn techniques and digital painting via Photoshop. The story follows three characters, a human girl, a demon, and a wood spirit, and focuses on their interactions with the environment, an enemy, and each other. Visit full comic at