Internet Art – Andrew Frueh

Prepare yourself.

You are about to enter a massive multi-dimensional collaboratively-built art world created in Hubs (an online meeting environment from the Mozilla foundation — For the best experience, have some friends join you so you can all explore together — Hubs supports audio chat like Zoom). This is a networked world, many of the rooms link together, and there are rooms you cannot enter directly from the images below.

(Note: Your computer may hate you, but it will recover. Be patient with loading times. Hubs is a great tool, but real-time 3D in the browser is still a work-in-progress).

Click on one of the images below to begin your journey.

Gracie Denbow
Lola Steel-Neal
Lilly Kirk
Ahnesti Gaston
Sope Rey
Tamara Joseph
Madison Staten
Melanie Hong
Sarah Estes
Shya Crable
Luke Stephens
Alice Jiang
Clare Faley
Jamie Bridle
Alejandro Peregrina
Terryl Rumph
Dan Nguyen
Gian Fiorenzo
Dan Hunt
Daisy Heppert
Son Hess
Shiwen Li