A Laney Day by Sydney Kit

On any typical day, in any typical year, Laney’s routine would go unobserved. Due to the work-from-home nature of quarantine, there are things that now get the attention they deserve

Freekparaid by Luke Stephens

Unnatural by Bilal Khan

There was no other option but to land. The ship required repair. She has never seen such a place before where everything stands so still and manages to lurk just around the corner.

Heat Flashes by Trevor Haaker

Who is to run in front of a gun?

“Log: August 27, 2020” by Ellie Bartlett

A continuing effort to document Bartlett’s strangest dreams.

This story is constructed off a dream of animals overcrowding my parents’ backyard. It is a narrative that reverses human and animal relationships, and explores the threat of habitat loss and overcrowding.

Farm Life by Momo Zuroweste

Care Package by Ben Keltos


Haunted House by Emily Appel

I was sent here to investigate the “mysterious happenings” said to occur here at night..

Phasmophobia by Trevor Haaker

A Dance with the devil

“Something To Look Forward To” by Emily Appel

After a long 2020, Emily Appel gives us a tour of her holiday festivities with her family

Descent by Bilal Khan

It is familiar to be here once again. While all things around me stay the same, each succession further down, inside of me has changed.

Discovery X-I by Jon Larkin

Communications have been down where a mars rover mysteriously stops connection.

Seasons Change by Caeley Blechschmid

Imposter by Joey Bergamesca

Joey Bergamesca’s playful tribute to Among Us, a game that quickly took hold of his attention. When you know, you know!

Mr. Blue by Robert Bills

Happy Hollidays

How Much Did I Sleep Last Night? by Sydney Kit

About a man who experiences several different worlds in his morning stroll, or maybe during his dreams

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