Statement by Rivka Ocho

The political climate of the United States has been tumultuous, even more so for already marginalized communities. There has also been a string of conspiracy theories regarding the Trump administration and alt-right groups, including those that focus on anyone who opposes the current system in America. Anti-fascism, shortened to Antifa, has been a topic of confusion for some people, and many conservatives have even created a fantasy in which Antifa is a rigid organization of domestic terrorists who plot the destruction of the company. Anyone who knows what Antifa is knows that the previous statement is not only wrong but completely delusional.

If you are against fascism, you are Antifa. If you stand against hate, you are Antifa. If you have even a lick of compassion in you, you are Antifa. It is no coincidence that the Antifa conspiracy is linked to anti-semitic ideas and bigoted concepts that plague the alt-right and their communities.

I decided to take the idea of Antifa being an organization and make it a satire. The project has two parts, but only one will be submitted for the expo because of time constraints. It follows an unnamed person logging on to a virtual tour of Antifa Co, a company experienced in the ways of debauchery and infiltration. The host, Anita War, will lead the audience through concepts actually discussed in alt-right forums, like Antifa super soldiers and the puppeteering of civil rights movements. If the other part is complete before next week Tuesday, I’ll post it to my Vimeo for unrestricted viewing.

I hope you enjoy what I made.

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