Research Focus

Dr. Campanella, his students, and collaborators are involved in research related to extrusion, rheology, structure-function of foods and food ingredients, and food process engineering.

Current research foci can be summarized as:

  • Application of extrusion in adding value to biotechnological products
  • Rheological characterization of biomaterials under different conditions
  • Identification of material chemical composition, microstructure, and the interrelations with material rheological properties
  • Development of rheological methods for different scales of application (benchtop to online processing)
  • Mathematical modeling of food processing operations

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This book is primarily aimed at scientists and engineers engaged in industry, research, and teaching activities related to the extrusion processing of foods (especially cereals, snacks, textured and fibrated proteins, functional ingredients, and instant powders), feeds (especially aquafeeds and petfoods), bioplastics and plastics, biosourced chemicals, paper pulp, and biofuels. It will also be of interest to students of food science, food engineering, and chemical engineering.