Course Objectives


Spanish 1101/1102/1103 is a course designed for “true beginners” of the language or students who have placed into the course via the MultiCAT Placement Test or who have had two years of Spanish or less in middle school and high school. Spanish 1101 is not open to…

  • native speakers of Spanish
  • students who have EM or transfer credit for 1101

Course sequence
Spanish 1101.01, Spanish 1102.01, and Spanish 1103.01 lead to the fulfillment of the foreign language requirement. This is the only appropriate course sequence to complete the language requirement. Students enrolled in Spanish 1101.01 are only eligible to enroll in Spanish 1102.01 after successfully completing this course.

GE Goals and Objectives
Foreign Language coursework develops students’ skills in communication across ethnic, cultural, ideological, and national boundaries, and helps students develop an understanding of other cultures and patterns of thought. For all Language Courses (1101.01 – 2202.01/.51) Spanish is the primary language of instruction.

Expected Learning Outcomes:

  1. Students demonstrate basic communicative skills (e.g., speaking, listening, reading, and/or writing) in a language other than their native language.
  2. Students learn about the cultural contexts and manifestations of the peoples who speak the language that they are studying.
  3. Students recognize and understand differences and similarities between the cultures and communities of the language that they are studying and their own.


Spanish 1101.01-1102-1103 goals

·     Develop a vocabulary base to begin building language skills. Vocabulary includes but is not limited to: greetings, describing people and places, family, academics, the home and household items, numbers, additional recreational activities.

·     Develop knowledge of the grammar structures associated with, but not limited to the following: identifying and describing people, places, events, and objects; using the verb estar for describing health conditions and location; requesting and reporting information using -ar, -er, -ir verbs; expressing likes and dislikes with the verb gustar and others like gustar; indicating possession; using the verbal expressions of tener, the verb ir, and the verbal expression ir + a + infinitive to talk about the immediate future; the use of stem-changing verbs to practice buying, selling, and bargaining; the use of direct and indirect object


pronouns to avoid repetition; the use of reflexive pronouns to describe daily habits and routines; sharing ideas and beliefs using comparisons of similarity and difference;

·      Listen to simple passages or conversations and answer questions about the content.

·      Read simple authentic texts and answer questions about the content.

·      Write paragraphs using acquired vocabulary and grammatical structures.

·      Engage in and sustain face to face conversation with others about topics studied.

·      Use the internet to acquire information about the Spanish-speaking world.

·      Demonstrate an understanding of selected elements of various Hispanic cultures.

·      Use technology to explore and reinforce linguistic concepts.

All students who studied Spanish for two years or more in high school and have used Spanish to fulfill the admissions requirement, but have not received any previous Spanish credit at The Ohio State University or another university/college must take MultiCAT (Multimedia Computer Adaptive Test). Students usually take the placement test during Orientation. If for some reason, you were unable to take the test during Orientation, you should contact the Foreign Language Center for information about dates and times at or call 614-292-4361.

Foreign Language EM /Proficiency Testing
Students who believe they can improve placement beyond the MultiCAT or beyond recent course work due to self-study or travel abroad, as well as bilingual students should consider taking the EM Proficiency Exam. Eligible students may seek credit by examination (EM) for Spanish 1101.01, 1102.01, and 1103.01. Students can only take the EM Proficiency Exam for the class in which they are currently enrolled or have placed. Students who have audited, received a “W”, or earned a failing grade for a course in Spanish are not eligible to take an EM Proficiency Exam. Students currently enrolled in a course may take an EM Proficiency Exam for that course only during the first two weeks of the semester. For more specific information, contact or see the Spanish Credit by Examination page.