Research Interests: Thermodynamic formalism, ergodic theory, smooth dynamical systems, equilibrium states arising from geometric systems.


Bernoulli Property of Subadditive Equilibrium States (with Kiho Park) – submitted.

Unique Equilibrium States For Geodesic Flows on Flat Surfaces with Singularities (with Dave Constantine, Alena Erchenko, Noelle Sawyer, and Grace Work) – submitted.

The K-Property for Some Unique Equilibrium States in Flows and Homeomorphisms – accepted, to appear in Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems.

The K-Property for Subadditive Equilibrium States (with Kiho Park) – published in Dynamical Systems: An International Journal (2020).

Equilibrium States for Products of Flows and the Mixing Properties of Rank 1 Geodesic Flows (with Daniel Thompson) – accepted, to appear in Journal of the London Mathematical Society