Final Strategic Life Plan

With my first semester of college done and packed away into my memory banks, it’s hard to imagine the way I was when I first came to The Ohio State University. I came to this prestigious university without a clear path towards my desirable career of dentistry. I knew it was going to take a lot of science and a lot of other pieces of hard work but I didn’t quite know where to start. Without an intended major and feeling lost through my first few weeks of school regarding where I should go, I feel like being in the health sciences program and the assignments that were required helped me discover the path that I wanted to take and realize what other areas of study I am interested in.

If it wasn’t for this survey class, I don’t think I would feel as confident as I do now about my future and my goals. My path became clearer with each assignment, starting with the first strategic life plan. Although at the time I didn’t have a Plan B, I’m more than sure that I have one now. Through this assignment and various others, including the graduate and professional schools fair, I was able to discover exactly what I wanted to do and how I wanted to do it. I discovered that I would pursue the dental program here at Ohio State through a major in Biology with a minor in Latin. This decision came after careful considerations, research, and thinking that was urged on by this health sciences survey class. Through researching I also gained another valuable skill for the rest of my college career.

This skill I learned was how to utilize campus and internet resources. Through the campus website and course curriculum and other valuable resources that are made available by Ohio State, I was able to become adept in the use and discovery of campus and internet resources. One of the most important resources I learned to utilize was the wisdom of faculty members, upperclassmen, and university staff members. These three groups of people in particular helped me to realize my path towards dental school and to pursue what I love in my education.

In conclusion, I believe that this course, including every aspect of the course inside and outside of the classroom, has helped me to develop a strategic life plan applicable while I remain in college here at The Ohio State University. I have become more confident and sure of what exactly it is that I want to pursue and have developed a precise plan of getting there. Next semester and in the semesters that will follow, I want to continue to grow socially and academically throughout my career at Ohio State as I continue to pursue my ultimate goal of dental school.

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Year in Review

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  • Throughout the 2015-2016 school year, I have been made aware of many new opportunities, activities, and events that I did not know even existed. Among these, included new restaurants, sports, and things I had never tried before. To start, I experienced some of the best food I had ever tried at BD’s Mongolian Grill in downtown Columbus. Firstly, I had never tried something like this and the unorthodox restaurant style made for a very comforting and interesting experience. The food was fantastic and the experience was worth a thousand words. Next, I went to a Columbus Blue Jackets game, which was also in downtown Columbus at Nationwide Arena. Having never experienced a Hockey game at any level, I was immediately hooked by the energy and every aspect of the game. I now consider myself an avid hockey fan from this one experience and can’t wait for my next chance to watch and enjoy a hockey game, whether it be at the college or professional levels. Lastly, one of the best things I have been able to do here at Ohio State was to learn and become quite decent at the sport of Racquet ball. Not having been much of an avid exerciser, I never really felt the need to set foot in the RPAC. I began just by playing basketball with some friends but soon I was introduced to one of the most fun and challenging games I have ever played. Racquet ball has surely become one of my most favorite activities to do in between studying and during any free time. It keeps me in shape as well as thoroughly enthused throughout the entire duration of the activity. I would most definitely recommend it to anyone who really just needs something to do. It truly is a great experience.