Class Takeaways

The most important things I learned from this class are the importance of note taking – which I address the different note template options in another post. In addition to this, I learned a lot about how to effectively manage my time and the best ways to be efficient when I do find time to get my work done. The first step is carving out time in your day to sit down and do the things you have planned, for me the next thing I need to do is find an environment where I can work without getting distracted. I enjoy going to the library because it is completely silent, I also enjoy going to coffee shops, because although there is a little more noise and movement at coffee shops they are still an bright environment which appeals to me. Finally, is following the timeline I set up for myself to get all my work done. I think this is the most important take away from class especially since this is an online class because it can be very easy to fall behind in classes where you are responsible for time management – so without this skill, I wouldn’t be able to efficiently complete this class.

Study Strategies!!

Some study strategies I have learned so far are different ways to take organized and helpful notes. There are a few ways to take notes, you can pick the one best for you. I use the Outline method which is where you have major topics as the headlines, and then indent with subpoints for that topic, then indent again if there is an important detail you would like to add. It is a clean and efficient way to take notes that allows you to see the most important topics and the details for that topic. Another note taking template is the Cornell Style notes, I think this is a good method if you learn well by critical thinking. On the left side of the paper you take notes during class, then on the right you ask questions. When going over the notes you can further dig into your questions and search for the deeper information. Finally, there is a MindMap way of doing thing, this is for visual learners. It is similar to Outline method but it is not vertical and just lines – you can use bubbles for main ideas and have “spider web” charts stemming from it to connect all the ideas. Which ever method you pick, they are all extremely helpful for taking thorough notes.


A new technology I learned about in class is a website called Trello. It is a super helpful organization tool. I am using it to organize school related tasks that I need to complete in a timely manner. You can add due dates, color code stuff and add fun stickers to you planner. Tasks are broken up by groups, for example: “To Do List”, “Already Done”, “In Progress”. It is super helpful!