In my life right now, I have a lot going on and even more planned for the future! Here is how my activities will fit into Ohio State’s GOALS outline:

  • Global Awareness: I am currently a Spanish minor and I love studying the language as well as Latin culture! I would love too study abroad for a month or even a semester, and I plan to do so sometime in my sophomore or junior year.
  • Original Inquiry: I have been working with my major advisor to get a head start on Psychology research.  We have discussed how I can interview with professors who are conduction research so that I can find the best fit for me, and be a part of something I enjoy.  Who knows, I may even end up writing a thesis!
  • Academic Enrichment: I currently hold all A’s in my classes, which is something I hope to keep up with. I am also looking to take on two minors in vastly different fields to enrich my education even further.
  • Leadership Development: I hope to acquire an internship within the legal field here in Columbus by the end of the year, which would help me develop my skills as well as my leadership, as I would be taking on a lot of responsibility.
  • Service Engagement: I am hoping to get involved next semester with all of the amazing service opportunities here at OSU.  For one, I plan on helping out in the campus soup kitchen and maybe joining a service fraternity to help keep myself involved.

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