Welcome to the CAIDe Lab!  The Cognitive and Affective Influences in Decision making (CAIDe) Lab focuses on the affective and cognitive mechanisms that underlie decision making. We are currently particularly interested in numeric competencies and the processing of numeric and non-numeric sources of information, as well as the role of attention in judgment and choice. Although we often conduct hypothetical studies in the lab, we also get out in the “real world” and study the generalization of our theories to health, environmental, and economic judgments and decisions.

Featured CAIDe Lab News

The CAIDe Lab director, Dr. Ellen Peters, is now the Philip H. Knight Chair and Director of the Media Center for Science and Technology in the School of Journalism and Communication at the University of Oregon!  She can be contacted at <ellenpet@uoregon.edu>.

CAIDe Lab members Shivi Bhardwaj, Hayley Svensson, Elli Billisits, and Lea Lai (not pictured) graduated with their respective baccalaureate degrees on May 5th from OSU!

Undergraduate lab members, Hayley Svensson and Shivi Bhardwaj, presented their independent research projects at the 2019 Midwestern Psychological Association Conference in Chicago, IL.

Hayley Svensson successfully defended her undergraduate thesis project entitled, “Numeracy and the Strength of Monetary versus Non-Monetary Incentives on Effort”.