Joseph Scheerens, Ph.D.

Professor, Dept. Horticulture & Crop Sciencejoe_scheerens
Joe Scheerens’ professional webpage

Dr. Joseph Scheerens was educated at the University of Arizona. He has been with The Ohio State University since 1987, and currently is a Professor in the Department of Horticulture and Crop Science where he focuses on improvement of fruit and vegetable product quality. Dr. Scheerens’ research interests include (1) the exploration of the effects of production systems (e.g. conventional and organic systems) and post-harvest treatment upon the nutritional and sensory quality of fruits and vegetables; and (2) the identification of specific plant sources with chemopreventive properties against degenerative diseases of aging and evaluation of these plant components for positive effects of bioactivity. He currently directs and conducts research on the genetic, physiological and cultural determinants of fruit and vegetable quality and their processed products; pre- and post harvest factors affecting the phytonutritional components of fruit and vegetable crops; the quality and microbiological safety of fresh fruit juices; and aspects of small fruit culture. He is also very involved with undergraduate and graduate curriculum, and has taught multiple courses while at OSU.

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