Josh Blakeslee, PhD

Associate Professor
Department of Horticulture and Crop Science

248B Kottman Hall
2021 Coffey Road
Columbus, OH 43210

Dr. Blakeslee’s laboratory is focused on understanding the biochemical physiology of plant responses to the environment. One primary area of focus is membrane signaling and transport in plant responses to abiotic stresses, including salt drought, and light/heat stress. Research to date has focused on the role lipid-based signaling molecules such as phosphatidic acid in regulating protein phosphorylation (via the protein phosphatase 2A complex) and auxin transport during root stress responses in Arabidopsis and rice. Current research has also expanded to investigate the composition, function, and regulation of membrane-bound multiprotein complexes in the metabolism/production of terpenoid compounds, including: sterols/steroids, sesquiterpene bio-fuel molecules, bioactive medicinal poly-terpenoids, and rubber molecules.

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