Jessica Cooperstone, PhD

Assistant Professor
Horticulture and Crop Science & Food Science and Technology

348 Howlett Hall

Jessica Cooperstone, Ph.D. got her B.S. in Food Science from Cornell University and her Ph.D. at The Ohio State University in Food Science & Technology, where she also was a Postdoctoral Researcher and Research Scientist. Through an interdisciplinary approach, she is interested in elucidating bioactive compounds from plants (with a focus on tomatoes) and understanding this bioactivity in vivo using pre-clinical and human models. She employs targeted and untargeted metabolomics techniques on plants, foods and biological samples. Better understanding what and how compounds from plants can affect health will allow breeding and management of crops to optimize levels of these bioactives to improve health outcomes.

Areas of expertise:  Plant foods and health promotion and disease prevention, metabolomics, secondary plant metabolites, analytical chemistry, liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry, food science, nutrition

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