Joshua A. Bomser, PhD

Associate Professor
Department of Human Sciences

Campbell Hall
1787 Neil Avenue
Columbus, OH 43210
(614) 247-6622

Joshua Bomser is associate professor of nutrition in the Department of Human Sciences. His research interests are in dietary bioactive components and chronic disease.

He has been a faculty member at The Ohio State University since 2000, holding a previous appointment in the Department of Food Science and Technology at Ohio State. Early experiences as a high school wrestler sparked his interest in nutrition. As an undergraduate, Bomser held research positions at Biospherics, Inc and the United States Department of Agriculture, examining non-nutritive sweeteners and bioactive phytochemicals, respectively. These positions were critical in shaping his current research and teaching interests. In his free time, Josh enjoys spending time at his children’s soccer, volleyball and baseball events.

Bomser’s research interests include understanding how phytochemicals in our diet can influence disease progression, specifically cancer. Recent interests have focused on how dietary components can alter the way in which cancer cells utilize energy, with a specific emphasis on how carbohydrate and non-carbohydrate carbon sources influence cellular growth, inflammation and signal transduction.

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