Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center – James


The Ohio State University and OARDC are uniquely positioned to lead functional foods research because of its land-grant roots in agriculture and its world-class medical research hospital. The combination of agricultural and medical research on a single campus is a valuable resource.

An international leader in cancer research, the OSUCCC-James is dedicated to translating research into high-quality patient care and educational programs for residents of central Ohio and beyond. It is one of only 39 institutions in the United States designated by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) as a “comprehensive” cancer center. Its ability to translate groundbreaking cancer research into innovative patient care distinguishes the James as an academic medical institution and positions it for a leadership role in personalized medicine. Advances such as genetics and genomics, bioinformatics, and new therapies are enabling the James to deliver the most effective treatments customized to the individual patient.

The OSUCCC contains seven cancer research programs that collectively comprise more than 240 scientists from 14 colleges at The Ohio State University and affiliated institutions. The research programs are devoted to different aspects of cancer tailored to the strengths of their members. Each program has its own leader or co-leaders, but all are connected via scientific collaboration, shared resources, and the OSUCCC administration. One of these programs is the Molecular Carcinogenesis and Chemoprevention program. This program focuses on investigating the effects of genetic alterations induced by chemical toxins and infectious agents, identifying tumor-suppressor genes, and studying other aspects of multi-stage carcinogenesis.

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New James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute