Department of Agricultural, Environmental, & Development Economics

The Agricultural Economics program is traditionally recognized for strong programs in agricultural outlook, policy and trade, marketing and farm management, and other specialized programs related to agricultural cooperatives and financial risk management. Their current focus is in risk management, farm/environmental management, precision farming, nutrition and health, policy and trade issues, economics of genetically modified organisms, and management training.

The Development Economics program faculty primarily study patterns of economic activity and their effect on work, government, entrepreneurship, and the development of individual and business economic conditions. The department’s Rural Finance Program is recognized as an international leader for its unique program analyzing rural financial markets. For three decades, this group has received several million dollars in grants to provide research and technical assistance about access to financial services.

The Environmental Economics program features some of the world’s leading scholars and a unique blend of basic and applied economics. The program has been active at Ohio State for more than 50 years with roots in agricultural and land economics. Research often focuses on the costs and benefits of such critical conflicts as water quality, recreational land and water use, erosion control, rainforest use and preservation, invasive species, waste disposal, industrial land use, and pollution-related issues. The environmental economics group attracts extramural funds exceeding $1 million for domestic and international projects.

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