Sophomore Year in Review

Global Awareness: In continuing my Spanish studies at OSU, I grew my appreciation for other cultures across the Spanish speaking world through my classes. In particular, the class I am currently in, Introduction to Literature and Culture, has exposed me to a variety of historical and cultural nuances across Latin America. To continue learning about the Spanish language and the lives of Spanish speakers, I decided to change my minor into a Spanish major. I also am in the process of planning my education abroad in Valparaíso, Chile for the spring semester of 2020. This exciting adventure will likely be the pinnacle of my college career and undoubtedly will grow my global awareness. I look forward to going to live in another country for six months to immerse myself in the language and culture of Chile.

Original Inquiry: The experiences that I have had so far that have helped me understand the creative process surrounding music. In my a cappella group, we frequently perform at gigs around campus and in the Columbus community. We rehearse twice a week for these performances, and each rehearsal we work to create the best, most cohesive and exciting sound we can. Our choice in music reflects our creativity and culture as Ohio State students. I plan to continue toward working on my creative goals by arranging music for our group. My dream is that all of the songs we sing would be arranged by members of our own ensemble.

Academic Enrichment: My double majors in Spanish and Chemistry allow me to dive in to the opposite ends of academic endeavors: the humanities and the sciences. This enriches my academic experience by diversifying my course load. I decided to major in Spanish simply because I love it; I love learning the language, the culture, and being able to converse with different people. I chose my Chemistry major because I adore being able to problem solve, analyze, and consider the nature of the elements that make up the world. In between my major areas of study, my GE courses have allowed me to test the waters of other academic realms. For example, I am currently taking a class in the Religious Studies department on Religion and Law. Surprisingly to me, this is my favorite class I have taken in college so far. Not only is the professor engaging, but the class also exposed me to thinking about religion and its implications in the government in a way that I have never been exposed to before. My GE selections demonstrate my commitment to excellence in that it shows that I am pursuing diverse areas of study that will culminate in a more well rounded version of myself.

Leadership Development: Currently, I am involved in an a cappella ensemble, Scarlet Fever. My involvement in this group contributes to my development as a leader because at this point I have been in the group for four semesters and have seen it grow over the course of that time. Now, I am able to offer ideas to the group and assist in pushing ourselves to a higher level of musical excellence. This relates to my personal goal of achieving a leadership position in the group for next year and in my goal of writing my own arrangements for our group to sing.

Service Engagement: The service oriented activities that I participate in revolve around the church I am involved with on campus: H2O Church. There, I am on the worship team and volunteer in children’s ministries. I sing on the worship team with the band, typically one or two weeks each month. Once a month, I volunteer in the preschool Sunday school with children ages 3-4. I plan to continue to be part of these activities throughout my undergraduate career to serve the Church and our campus.


My singing group, Scarlet Fever, often has gigs on campus, as well as in the Columbus area. On Thursday, November 2nd, we met at the Athletic Club of Columbus. There, we sang for a diabetes research benefit dinner that aimed to raise awareness for the disease as well as money for research in the field. While waiting to perform, we heard speakers’ testaments of all of the research happening at Ohio State and all the important work being done for both type I an type II diabetes. It was amazing to hear first hand, that there is hard work being done by people who care that can make a massive difference for people, beyond just the Columbus area. It was an honor to sing for the event and share our pride of being Buckeyes.

About Me

My name is Sierra Cady and I am from a small town in the south suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. Here at Ohio State, I am a first year student majoring in neuroscience. My curiosity with the capacities of the human brain propelled me into majoring in neuroscience for my undergraduate years. However, during high school, the foreign language classes I took as well as my travel experiences during a trip to Spain made me fall in love with the Spanish language. For this reason, I am pursuing my passion by minoring in Spanish. I hope to get the chance to study abroad and dive deeper into the language during my college years.

Outside of the academic realm, I have always identified as a musician. I have sung in various acappella and choral groups, and I have been playing the saxophone for nine years. My favorite activity is marching band, where I grew tremendously as a musician, worker, and person. My high school experience culminated to being granted a leadership position for my school’s marching band my final season. Because music has always been a key part of my life, I joined an acappella group as soon as the school year begun: Scarlet Fever.

One of the things that really interested me about Ohio State was the immense opportunity for research, and I hope I get a chance to partake in research here. I am interested in a variety of research in areas such as autoimmune disorders, pharmacology, and regarding children. I am interested in autoimmune disorders, as I have witnessed the chronic affliction they can cause. I have always adored children, and volunteer with them often through my church at home and on campus, and learning more about how their minds work would be fulfilling for me. Finally, after my undergraduate education, I would like to continue studying and get a degree in pharmacy. Therefore, research in pharmaceuticals is pertinent, not only in neuroscience, but to many areas of my interest.





Global Awareness: In order to achieve the goal of having Global Awareness, I hope to study abroad to gain an understanding of another country and its culture first hang. Studying another language through my minor also will expose me to other cultures through the language.

Original Inquiry: To gain original inquiry, I desire to participate in the research experience program, to gain a better understanding of how to conduct laboratory research,  and I would like to develop my own research initiative in the future on a topic that is important to me.

Academic Enrichment: To achieve the goal of academic enrichment, I plan on following wherever my interest lead me. I may sign up for more language classes or participate in research that connect my interest like language, the brain, and music. Purely listening to and collaborating with other students also will lead to mutual enrichment.

Leadership Development: To develop leadership, I hope to one day have a leading role in a music ensemble on campus. I also would like to attend different leadership workshops to prepare myself for various roles in the classroom, research laboratory, and workforce.

Service Engagement: I currently volunteer in the children’s ministry at H2O church here at Ohio State, where I spend time with children during the church service and teach them about the Bible. I also would like to go on a service trip over spring break through Buck-I-SERV.


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About Me

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