Executive Management Team

The CABLE Executive Management Team works together to provide support to all Student Delegates on their leadership development. These 20 academic institutions that make up CABLE are a powerful network that weaves together the resources of many institutions to strengthen individual efforts in support of workforce development. The project produce leaders with the skills required for meeting the demands of the emerging bioeconomy.

Please reach out to Executive Management Team members as necessary.

Denny Hall, Program Director | The Ohio State University

Dennis Hall is the Director of the CABLE program and leads the Executive Management Team in their roles to provide support to student leaders and their mentors. Dennis enjoys engaging with Student Delegates and takes an active role in their growth.

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Shannon Hollis, Program Manager | The Ohio State University

Shannon Hollis manages the CABLE program in organization, planning, and execution. Shannon will be communicating with Student Delegates and Faculty Mentors throughout the year to keep them informed of program deadlines and information.

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Melinda Lloyd EdD, Leadership Training Program Lead | Education Projects & Partners

Melinda Lloyd is the main point of contact for Student Delegates within CABLE. Melinda interacts with students on a regular basis and conducts all leadership webinars. She plays an active role in the transition of students into leaders.

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Casey Needham, Communications Specialist | The Ohio State University

Casey Needham is a Communications Specialist and is in charge of ensuring CABLE members are up-to-date and informed. Casey maintains communication and outreach efforts through social media, email newsletters, and other program-related materials.

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Richard “Max” Maksimoski, Industry Liaison | Maximum C/Q, LLC

Max Maksimoski is the Industrial Liaison to CABLE. Max has a proven track record in working with industry in the bioeconomy. A great resource for potential internship, externship, and full-time employment, Max seeks to connect students with opportunities.

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Kerry Dixon PhD, Project Evaluator | Beta By Design

Kerry Dixon is an External Project Evaluator that seeks to advance the program by providing evaluation and data. You’ll hear from Kerry throughout the year as she looks to collect valuable insight from Faculty Mentors and Student Delegates.

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Corinne Rutzke PhD, University Liaison | Education Projects & Partners

Corey Rutzke serves CABLE as a University Liaison, helping to find ways for CABLE to expand education and outreach efforts. Corey is an integral part of the team that is working on expanding program reach and how CABLE can serve broaden its message.

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Zywia Chadzynska, Faculty Mentor Coordinator | Education Projects & Partners

Zywia Chadzynska works with our CABLE Faculty Mentors throughout the year to provide them with support and guidance on how best to serve their Student Delegates and the program as a whole.

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Cadance Lowell PhD, 1890 Universities Liaison | Central State University

Cadance Lowell is the 1890 Universities Liaison to CABLE. Cadance also works to pair end-of-year Working Group Reports with academic publications where the work of Student Delegates can be featured and viewed by a larger audience.

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