Leyla Battista

CABLE Ambassador | Auburn University

Leyla was a cohort 1 Student Delegate with CABLE and now seeks to serve future cohorts in their leadership development by providing guidance and advice.

An engineering degree means more than a document certifying fulfillment of basic requirements. Rather, this forthcoming degree signifies committal to a global initiative demanding innovative solutions to mankind’s most complex problems and issues. These include improved energy utilization, management of human and industrial waste, derivation of potable water, and implementation of sustainable practices in agriculture, new construction, and manufacturing to name a few. Leyla Battista understands the importance of all of these aspects. Furthermore, she is interested in combining all of these aforementioned areas and creating a singular field invested in long-term sustainability. Throughout her time at Auburn University, her courses have exposed her to the following topics: water management, waste, construction, mechanical design, sustainability, agriculture, education, and energy. Her biosystems degree gives her a background in environmental, civil, and chemical topics. As she would like to eventually open her own company consisting of engineers, architects, and designers, a background in bioeconomics and leadership training will be highly beneficial. With a diverse workforce, she believes they will be able to tackle a wide range of issues in energy, water, waste management, transportation, agriculture, urban design, education, and construction. In this way, she hopes to enact long-lasting change and create the most innovative design solutions. She hopes to have a full career dedicated to promoting a biobased lifestyle.