reflection of spring 2018

Goals for Spring 2018 included:
  1. To maintain a minimalist lifestyle ( x )
  2. To achieve a 4.0 GPA ( x )
  3. To learn my repertoire quickly (    )
  4. To create a documentary on Baker Hall (    )
  5. To volunteer ( x )
  6. To interview a new person each month (    )
  7. To be true to myself ( x )

I maintained my minimalist lifestyle — not buying in excess, not wasting resources, etc. I earned a 4.0 GPA and achieved the Dean’s List once again. I volunteered on multiple occasions, generally serving as a representative of the University, encouraging prospective students to become apart the wonderful experience that is The Ohio State University. I hosted Distinction Scholarship candidates at the Morrill Scholars Distinction Weekend opening ceremony, answering questions and encouraging prospective students to remain calm and to simply be themselves as they prepared for their interviews that took place the next day. I also served as a tour guide for Fifth Third Bank’s Young Bankers Club in April, leading a large group of 5th grade students from Columbus Public City Schools around Ohio State, exposing them to the Ohio State world. The kids live nearby but may have never stepped foot on campus, so it was a great opportunity to shine a positive light on the university. Furthermore, I  gave my sister Mrs. Kimberly Nalls’s 8th grade students from Trotwood-Madison Middle School a tour of Ohio State after they attended the Spring Game in April 2018. Even though I volunteered more than last semester, I know that I can do a lot more next year. I hope to become more involved with the Humane Society to nurture the part of myself that loves animals.

Although I failed to create a documentary about Baker Hall or to interview a new person each month, or to learn music as quickly as I should have, I still learned a great deal. I learned how to learn repertoire and have rekindled my confidence in myself regarding music. I’ve altered my technique by watching many live performers as well as assessing my weaknesses. I’m still experimenting with establishing a practice routine, but I’ve made a great deal of progress in figuring out what works and what does not.

This summer I have completed 16 hours of Early Field Experience (for teaching), joined my church’s Worship Ministry (band), taken a U.S. History course at Sinclair Community College, and have taken trumpet lessons with Chris Braun at Sinclair. I’ve learned a lot, increasing my range and bettering my tone and musicality, committing my scales to memory and improvising at Church and on my own. Furthermore, I’ve been educating myself on personal finance and also introducing myself to Spanish. Regarding piano, I’ve been working on six pieces for my summer repertoire and 36 major and minor scales. Finally, I’ve been practicing my photography and rediscovered my love for this art form. So far, this summer has been a decent balance of progress and rest.

I have 26 days before I move back to CBus, as I will be serving as an Office Assistant next school year. I’m excited to begin my music courses. I plan to take Music Theory I, Aural Training I, Intro to Music Education, Intro to Music Technology, Secondary lessons for Jazz Piano and Jazz Trumpet, participate in Athletic Band and a Jazz Combo, and learn about piano compositions in Piano Literature I. I will also be participating in STEP next year, so I have a busy semester ahead of me.