it’s a small world after all…

My scholars program, Humanities Scholars has challenged me to transcend my comfort zone on a variety of occasions. In this instance, we were assigned to create a video centered on the theme “It’s A Small World After All.” My group consisted of myself, Kelly Nguyen, Autumn Conner, and Chandrika Janumpalli. We chose to approach answering this question by conducting interviews with a people from a variety of backgrounds. Even though the world is ginormous and incredibly diverse, similarities still exists among humans. We all have dreams, pet peeves, hope to improve ourselves, and experience love. This project opened my eyes to all the people I see every day. Everyone has his or her own story, but you’ll never know it unless you walk up to them and strike up a conversation. Although this project was stressful, I’ve become much more comfortable meeting new people and understand the power of conversation; for that, I am thankful for this project. Our video satisfies the Original Inquiry portion of G.O.A.L.S.

meet kennedy: humans of OSU

Interview with Kennedy, a biology major at OSU on October 17, 2017.

Kennedy performing a pirouette in a campus dance room. Taken by Brooke Butler.


“I want to be remembered as someone who gave another person hope in themselves so they can find a passion in themselves they didn’t know they were interested in. Specifically dance for me, I didn’t know that that would be my passion or part of who I am until I tried it. It’s stress relieving and it’s how I found my calling—Kinesiology, the study of body movement. I want to make a nonprofit in the future geared toward any student who wants to attend professional dance classes, specifically ballet. In ballet you learn how your body should be correctly utilized in a specific movement. Nowadays in contemporary people just kind of move their bodies around without understanding the purpose each body part holds. With those dance classes they would also attend science classes like biology, chemistry, kinesiology, anatomy so they can actually correlate what they’re doing in dance class with what they’re learning in class. It’s a more fun way to learn.”

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