Year in Review

My first year at Ohio State was more than I could have ever expected it to be. Although a spent a lot of my time studying, the days when I could get out and experience campus and the city of Columbus were unforgettable. The entire campus along with Health Sciences Scholars created a really welcoming and communal atmosphere my first few days here, which encouraged me to be adventurous and find things I was interested in. My first football game was when it really set in that I was a Buckeye. I remember how surreal it felt to know that I had been working towards this goal since my freshman year of high school and was finally walking into Ohio Stadium to sit with my fellow students. My first semester I didn’t get to do as much as I had hoped to, mainly because of my coursework. I went to most football games and loved every second of them, especially the Penn State game, but that was about the extent of my involvement. I didn’t get to make very many friends because my nose was always in a book, but things began to turn around in the spring. My second semester I really became comfortable and immersed in Ohio State’s communal atmosphere. I found myself participating in more clubs/events such as Young Life College, The Creed Bratton Performance, and Buck-I-Run, and  made some amazing friends along the way. Next year I’d like to join one or two more clubs (NSPIRE/Paws 4 Ability), participate in Buckeyethon, and go to sporting events outside of football.

I’m pretty happy with how things turned out academically this year. I feel that I have a solid GPA, and I learned how to handle college coursework. I realized, for myself at least, that it is important to read the textbook, start studying a week or two in advance for exams, and, if there is any type of math involved in my coursework, practice the concepts after learning the material in class. Although it was tedious, I think that these strategies ended up being really useful for me. Most importantly, however, I feel like I’m finally learning things that are going to be crucial in my career as a healthcare professional. By taking Anatomy and Physiology this semester, not only did I get to learn the basis of my career, but I also saw how things I took in high school such as chemistry, math, and biology fit in with my career. I’m starting to be able to narrow my studies, and I finally feel like I’m transitioning into the adult world.

I am so happy and proud to attend The Ohio State University. I had a great freshman year, and I’m looking to have an even better one next year. Go Bucks!




O: One of the courses I took this year was Evidence Based Practice. It teaches nursing students about the concepts behind evidence based practice and how it is used in the health care setting. Evidence based practice is a way of looking at current health care practices from a quantitative and qualitative view, and deciding if the data collected about the practice supports the continued use of said practice. During this course we were tasked with developing our own EBP projects, and my group decided to look at nurse and patient data regarding 8 v. 12 hour shifts. It was a relatively difficult process, but it was definitely interesting to see how decisions about healthcare practices are made.

A: For my upperclassmen interview, I spoke to my peer mentor Christian Dela Cruz. He is a student in the nursing program and a third year here at Ohio State. I mainly asked him questions about how to succeed in the prerequisites required for the nursing program and what being in the nursing program is like. Most importantly, he told me to work hard and ask questions in my prerequisite classes. The average GPA of freshman admitted to the nursing program is a 3.8, and in order to attain that I need to dedicate myself to my classes. Along with this, he emphasized the importance of the essays. Although GPA is important, the essays help to make an applicant more than a number and show the admissions committee why an applicant wants to be a nurse. In terms of the actual program itself, Christian said it is very exciting and rewarding. He didn’t get in the first year and decided to apply again. Although he added a fifth year, he says that he wouldn’t want to be in any other program. Although at the time he hadn’t had many clinicals, he said they were exciting and a great way to apply what he has learned. I am really hoping to get into the nursing program so I can have the same experiences that he has had.

L: This year I took part in the HSS peer mentor program and was a member of the Second Year Task Force. These two activities allowed me to mentor underclassmen and plan meetings that encouraged team-building and responsibility. I really enjoyed taking part in both of these groups. I think it really helped me develop as a leader while simultaneously allowing me to work with my friends.

S: The past two semesters I volunteered at Wexner Medical Center as an Ambassador. My job mainly consisted of guiding patients throughout the hospital and answering any questions they had to the best of my ability. I volunteered with Wexner for a total of 40 hours this year and really enjoyed getting to help others each shift. It reassured me that I want to dedicate my life to helping others and that the medical field is the perfect place to do so.

About Me

My name is Emily Butler, and I am a first-year at The Ohio State University. I’m from a suburb outside of Cleveland, Ohio, and have wanted to be a Buckeye for the majority of my life. I graduated Summa Cume Laude from North Royalton High School. Throughout high school, I was involved with various clubs and volunteer programs, and have really developed a strong connection with and adoration towards my community. Health Science Scholars will allow me to pursue my passion through service projects and the establishment of a tight-knit group. I am currently in the Pre-Nursing program, and am hoping to be granted entrance into the College of Nursing in 2018. Dependent on the path I take here at Ohio State, I would like to become a Nurse Practitioner or a Pathologist. Through recent experiences I have created an immense bond with medicine, and finally feel confident and at home in the field of health.