“The University Research Forum, dedicated to serving the strategy and management interests of the academic research enterprise at universities undertook a large scale research investigation in 2016 to find innovative and powerful ideas for identifying improving research collaboration between universities and corporate partners. During our exhaustive review of higher education, we were particularly impressed by the market mapping work completed by Business Intelligence and Mapping Unit at The Ohio State University.  The depth of research and analysis completed to identify the needs of potential corporate partners rivals that of equity analysts, and serves to highlight the most likely areas of overlap between Ohio State’s research expertise and the science based needs of industry partners.   Vice Presidents and Vice Provosts for Research have praised Ohio State’s work here and many schools are hoping to replicate some the market mapping capabilities at their own school.  We would characterize this as one of the best practices for most effectively matching university research expertise with corporate research needs.”  Education Advisory Board


“Excellent work; very professional. Would not hesitate to recommend to anyone in my college or elsewhere in university. Passion for the work that shows through and contributes to excellence in results.  (e.g. obviously cares very much about the clients problem and works with a passion to solve it).” Vera Fosnot,  Director of Aerospace and Aviation Research, OSU (12/2016). 

“Every company we are talking to wants to know OSU’s differentiated capabilities.  Sometimes we know.  Most of the time we don’t.  That’s where your value lies – if we didn’t have you two assessing OSU’s assets and evaluating them against other universities, we would be lost. ” Elizabeth Drotleff, Associate Industry Liaison Office Director, Discovery Themes, OSU (12/2016).

“I have appreciated the analyses that you have produced for SRE, including evaluation of how OSU capabilities fit with external corporate partners’ strategies and how OSU’s performance rankings compare with those of other universities. You are both a pleasure to work with, and your findings have been very helpful as we develop and pursue our growth strategy”. Joseph Fiksel, Executive Director of the Sustainable and Resilient Economy, Discovery Themes, OSU (12/2016).

“What I value most is that  you inform me of new intelligence or news that you think can help TDA, long after you complete a specific BIM request and  you take time to explain your methodology and help me formulate clear requests through discussion, rather than just have a toss-it-over-the-fence relationship.” David Mongeau, Director, Translational Data Analytics Institute, OSU (12/2016).

“The Business Intelligence and Mapping Unit in ILO is an invaluable resource for developing targeted industry strategies. Alba and Mo bring excellence, commitment and consummate professionalism to every project. They never let me ask the wrong questions but challenge me to think through what it is I really need. They engage me on short intervals to be sure they are developing the solutions I seek in the presentational format I desire. My most recent experience with BIM was outstanding, as was every one preceding it. I appreciate their extraordinary customer service and it is a true pleasure to work with them both.” R. Scott Osborne, Assistant Dean of Research, College of Engineering Research (11/2017)