Research Intelligence

[Situation Analysis] [Bibliometrics] [Social Network Analysis] [Targeted Hiring]


We can provide an assessment of the research enterprise and realistic planning guidelines. We specialize in situation analysis, bibliometrics, social network analysis and targeted hiring strategies. Our assessments and recommendations are based on curated data and best business practices.

Situation Analysis (Benchmarking) 

We look at:

  • Internal competencies in terms of faculty, centers and program linked to the topic of interest
  • Capital competencies
  • Sponsored research on the topic of interest
  • Current federal support status
  • Technology Trend
  • Competitors/Collaborators
  • Gaps and opportunities assessment
  • Additional assessments 



Bibliometrics is an evolving field that applies statistical methods to analyze scientific publications and citation patterns. BIM follows the Leiden Manifesto’s ten principles to guide research evaluation, taking into consideration the limitations of publication databases – institution disambiguation, journal coverage and evidence of impact factor manipulation (Nefarious Numbers Douglas N. Arnold and Kristine K. Fowler, 2011).

Ohio State faculty, staff and students can use a web-based research evaluation called InCites™ to analyze institutional productivity and benchmarking of research output against peers worldwide.


Social Network Analysis

We use social network analysis (SNA) to investigate and visualize social structures and collaboration at all levels – from faculty to research teams to institutions – to determine the relationship between these entities.

Example of an SNA depicting collaboration between principal investigators o f two institutions in the topic of cystic fibrosis.




Targeted Hiring

We can help administrators target leaders in a specific field. We look at bibliometric indexes, years of activity, sponsored research activity, topics/fields of interest, collaborative networks and more.