Social Psychology and Human Nature (Baumeister & Bushman, 2021)

My colleague Roy Baumeister and I recently finished the 5th edition of our textbook, Social Psychology and Human Nature (2021). Check it out! In 2016 it was tied for third place worldwide in terms of sales for social psychology textbooks. This is especially impressive because the other textbooks had much later editions (9th to 11th).

Zeigarnik effect video (first 5:40) by Will Schroder that cites our textbook


Aggression and Violence: A Social Psychological Perspective (Bushman, 2017)

This book provides a broad and contemporary overview of aggression and violence by some of the most internationally renowned researchers in the field. It begins with an integrative theoretical understanding of aggression and shows how animal models shed light on human aggression and violence.

Individual risk factors for aggression and violence from different research perspectives are then examined. First, there is a cognitive neuroscientific, neuropsychological, and psychophysiological study of the brain. It then explores the developmental psychological factors in aggressive behavior, incorporating work on gender and the family. Other perspectives include the role of testosterone, individual differences, and whether humans are innately wired for violence.

The following sections moves from the individual to the contextual risk factors for aggression, including work on the effects of adverse events and ostracism, guns and other aggressive cues including violent media, and drugs and alcohol.

Targets of aggression and violence are covered in the next section, including violence against women and loved ones; aggression between social groups; and the two very contemporary issues of cyberbullying and terrorism.

The book concludes with work showing how we may make the world a more peaceful place by preventing and reducing aggression and violence.

The volume is essential reading for upper-level students and researchers of psychology and related disciplines interested in a rigorous and multi-perspective overview of work on aggression and violence. link