Image source: Kevin Buettner & George Perkins Anene, 2021

Project description:

For this project, the client is the Ohio Mid-Eastern Governments Association (OMEGA), a rural planning organization (RPO) in Ohio.  From the SWOT Analysis work session with the client, the primary learning problem to be addressed many local jurisdictions do not understand what RPOs do and how they can help. Specifically, there is federal and state funding available for which RPOs can help apply, but local officials are unfamiliar with the funding and that RPOs can help with the applications.  A secondary learning problem that was identified is that many RPOs experience high staff turnover rates and must continuously spend time to on-board new employees, many of which are unfamiliar with RPOs and their functions.  Therefore, for this practicum project, an on-demand, e-learning module with handouts was developed for OMEGA to help address these learning problems.  The module was created in Articulate’s Storyline software, and it will be embedded on OMEGA’s website.

Project goals:

The two goals for the project include: (1) Local officials, municipal staff, and new rural planning organization staff understand the functions of RPOs, and (2) Local officials, municipal staff, and new rural planning organization staff understand are familiar with available federal and state funding.  By achieving these goals with the e-learning module, OMEGA staff will save time that is currently spent on educating local jurisdictions and on-boarding new staff.  In addition, local jurisdictions and new RPO staff can learn about this information on their own schedule at their own pace; local jurisdictions can utilize RPO resources more effectively if they know how RPOs can help before reaching out to them; and local jurisdictions can decide internally what type of funding is a good fit for them and plan accordingly, before reaching out for RPO assistance, which will improve their funding applications.

Course schedule:

Module/Week Topics, Readings, Assignments, Deadlines Due
1 Introduction 5/18/21
2 Project Initiation 6/6/21
3 Project Management 6/31/21
4 Writing Proposal Unit / Pitching Project to Advisor 6/20/21, Milestone 1
5 Kickoff with Client 6/20/21
6 Writing and Signing MOU 6/20/21, Milestone 2
7 Delivery Cycle 1 (Project Plan, Dgn Templates, Content Outline) 6/27/21
8 Delivery Cycle 2 (Graphics, Content Dev, Draft PPT Slides) 7/4/21
9 Delivery Cycle 3 (Storyline Dev, Testing) 7/18/21, Milestone 3
10 Present to Client (7/29/21) and Turnover 7/30/21, Milestone 4
11 Present Final Project to Advisor and Second Reader (7/29/21) 7/30/21, Milestone 5, Complete MLT Completion Survey (Qualtrics)