The Advanced Cementitious Materials Research Group

Research is one of the best ways to bridge the gap between what you’re learning in classes and designing on paper, to how things really work in practice. I am always interested in working with undergraduate and graduate students interested in getting involved in research. Undergrads – Please send me an email to set up a time to sit down and discuss further. Grads – Please see the ‘Interested in working in the CeMNT lab’ tab to submit your information for consideration.


Principle Investigator

Dr. Lisa Burris –¬†


Current Students

Graduate Researchers

Erin Stewartson – PhD Fellow – Fly ash adsorption and carbonation of reclaimed concrete aggregate concrete

Mahmod Yahya – PhD Fellow – Slip formed bridge rail mixture design and testing to minimize cracking, and fly ash adsorption and particle size effects

Gaurab Shrestha – MS student – shrestha.105. Evaluation of cracking using NDT in Ohio bridge parapets


Visiting Scholars

Ilgin Sandalci – summer 2021

Shuyan Yang – AY 2019-2020


Undergraduate Researchers

Evan Nwankwo – Industry review: opportunities and barriers to implementing 3D printing in the construction industry

Ben Starker – pervious concrete for mitigating acid mine drainage field trials, and 3D printing work


Past Students

Postdoctoral Researchers

Yujia Min –, Project foci: Fly ash adsorption and reactivity, and development of a fluorescence-based adsorption testing method; now working at the University of Illinois Champagne-Urbana with Nishant Garg

Graduate Students

Jarron Mihoci – MS Student and CIVILEN 3541 GTA –, Thesis: Alternative biomass ash pozzolans; now working at Michael Baker International in Pittsburgh, PA

Cansu Acarturk – PhD Student –, Thesis: Novel and Sustainable Cementitious Systems: Improving Calcium Sulfoaluminate Cement and Bacterial Concrete Properties; now working at a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Colorado with Dr. Wil Srubar

Sam Riekert – MS student – Thesis: Treating Acid Mine Drainage with Pervious Concrete and Quantifying the Impacts of Urban Stormwater N:P Ratio on Harmful Algal Blooms

Natalie Gibbons – MS Non-Thesis

Matthew Chelberg – MS Thesis, Thesis: Understanding Fly Ash Contribution to Concrete Mixture Properties

Undergraduate Students

Kamilla Wieckowski, Spring 2023 – 3D print mixture analysis using vane shear measurements

Brendan Maestro, Spring 2023 – 3D print mixture analysis using early age compression measurements and Curbing Sediment project concrete stamping

Anna Tenhagen, Spring 2021-Spring 2023 – graduated with Undergraduate Research Distinction with Honors and plans to start a MS degree with a research fellowship at the University of Washington! Her research distinction thesis:

Effects of Processing and Mix Composition on the Performance of Limestone Calcined Clay Blended Cement (LC3)

Meghan Nicholson, Summer 2022 – Bacterial concrete and fly ash adsorption testing

Timothy Huang, Summer 2022 – Bacterial concrete and fly ash adsorption testing

Abby Spengler, Spring 2021-Spring 2022 – bacterial concrete exposed to high and low temps

Ravi Patel, Spring 2021-Spring 2022 – pervious concrete to remediate acid mine drainage. Ravi accepted an offer to complete an MS in Aerospace Engineering at Michigan!

Anthony Wong, Summer 2018-Spring 2021 – graduated with Research Distinction after defending his thesis:

Calcium Sulfoaluminate Belite-Portland Cement Concrete Mixtures for Rapid Hydration and Strength Gain

Finn Haugh, Fall 2019-Fall 2020 – graduated

Nick Gao, Spring 2020-Fall 2020 – graduated

Shawn Sutton, Fall 2018 – graduated with an MS in Welding Engineering!

Logan Wilson, Spring 2019

Sophia Gull, Spring 2019

Summer Researchers

Thomas Dunlop – pervious concrete for acid mine drainage remediation

Nelson Jurado – Accelerated LC3 3D printed mixtures