The Advanced Cementitious Materials Research Group

Research is one of the best ways to bridge the gap between what you’re learning in classes and designing on paper, to how things really work in practice. I am always interested in working with undergraduate and graduate students interested in getting involved in research. Please send me an email to set up a time to sit down and discuss further.

Principle Investigator

Dr. Lisa Burris –



Current Students

Graduate Researchers

Cansu Acarturk – PhD Student, CIVILEN 3510 GTA –

Hanbin Cheng – PhD Student –


Undergraduate Researchers

Anthony Wong

Finn Haugh


Past Students

Graduate Students

Natalie Gibbons – MS Student,

Undergraduate Students

Shawn Sutton – now a PhD student in Welding Engineering! Congrats, Shawn!

Logan Wilson

Sophia Gull


Summer Researchers

Thomas Dunlop –