Interested in working in the CeMNT Group?

I believe performing graduate research is the best way to learn deeply about a topic, and maximize your potential in graduate school. I am always looking for talented students to assist with research work in the CeMNT lab and strive to maintain a diverse and supportive research group. At Ohio State we provide well-equipped, recently renovated Concrete Materials research facilities, and have access to advanced equipment including isothermal calorimetry, XRD, XRF, TGA, ICP, and SEM, in addition to many other test setups. Ohio State has also recently partnered with the Center for Design and Manufacturing ( to begin 3D printing work, and have access to a construction-scale 3D printer.

In my research group specifically, I work with students on a frequent and personalized basis to develop both research and scientific communication skills and students in our Structures program work collaboratively, assisting each other in research endeavors. Our graduate program is currently undergoing an update which will ensure graduates are equipped with critical research skills through several new classes which will guide students in performing and writing reviews of literature, developing experimental plans, and will provide you a community of motivated and focused students, from which you will form lifelong friendships.

If you are interested in attending The Ohio State University for graduate school and working with me, please submit your information through the poll on this page (for Dr. Burris’ review, this process is separate from, and in addition to, the departments’s application process). Due to the massive quantities of emails I receive I cannot personally reply to all potential student emails, but will reach out to discuss graduate research positions if available and if your qualifications align with CeMNT research work and opportunities. Please do not contact our graduate research advisor, Gail Morris, to ask her to email me.

Applying to the OSU Civil, Environmental, and Geodetic Engineering program is encouraged, to demonstrate your interest in working in the CeMNT research group, and the vast majority of funded research students are selected from this pool. Application before the Priority deadline (typically ~Nov 30) is highly encouraged and significantly increases your chances for selection for a funded research position.

Admissions information here:

Some qualities I look for in students are shown below. Note that few applicants meet all of these requirements. I look wholistically at applicants, so if you excel in some areas but don’t have experience in others that does not mean you are not a good fit.

  • Self-motivation
  • Grit
  • Ability to adapt and succeed in new situations
  • Leadership experience during your undergraduate degree
  • Experimental research experience
  • Interest in specific concrete materials research areas
  • Knowledge of the cement and concrete materials field
  • Good GPA (>3.5). This is not a hard minimum.
  • Ability to work as a member of team


Graduate Research Interest Form

Graduate Research Interest Form

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