The Bug Zoo

The Bug Zoo is a curated collection of live insects and other arthropods for the purpose of education and outreach. The Ohio State University’s Department of Entomology, has two locations for the Bug Zoo. One is located on the Columbus Campus and the other is on the  Wooster campus.

The United Titanium Bug Zoo on the Wooster Campus is located in the new science building.   We will plan an open house as soon as we can do it safely.  The collection in Wooster is maintained by the Program Coordinator, Jeni Filbrun and implemented under the direction of Dr. Jamie Strange, Dr. Andy Michel and Program Director, Denise Ellsworth. The collection consists of more than 30 different species.

The Columbus campus is located on the main campus in Columbus and is curated by Jeni Ruisch.

The mission of the Bug Zoo is to promote awareness, dispel the myths and ignite curiosity in the unseen world of Arthropods. In addition, the Bug Zoo strives to entice budding young entomologists into the exciting field of Entomology.

The common reality is that many people fear insects, which results in an inability to appreciate and understand the significant contributions Arthropods have made on the health of the planet. By maintaining a collection of live animals that are accessible and presented in a non-threatening way, one is able to see them in a new light. This hands-on approach allows people of all ages to explore the wonders of insects in a safe environment.