Winter Open Houses announcement!

We have some exciting news to share!

Winter Open Houses!

Second Saturday’s of January, February and March!

Join us from 10-4

January 14th,2023

February 11th, 2023

March 11th,2023


Come and wander through the United Titanium Bug Zoo! We will have interactions with live animals and a theme for each day.  No reservations are needed!

Google map to the Fisher Auditorium and we are right next door in the Wooster Science Building.


Hope to see you!

Halloween 2022 Open House!

The United Titanium Bug Zoo had our first annual Halloween Bug Zoo!  Costumes, Face Painting, Candy and arthropods! What could be better on the  Friday before Halloween?  Over 250 people came and fun was had by all!  Click on the link for the time-lapse of the evening!

Here are a few photos of the evening!

We are in the process of planning regular open houses, be sure and pass on the word to subscribe to this blog so you do not miss the next one!

Be sure and look for next years Halloween activities!

Insect Migration is underway!!

Insect Migration!

Walking into the lobby of the Wooster Science building you will notice something a little different. We have been busy working on an insect migration display that leads you right into the United Titanium Bug Zoo!

Everyone knows about the long and treacherous Monarch flights down to their winter destination. Here is an awesome website that will give you more information. But did you know Dragonflies also make a long journey?  They even show up on the weather radar!

We are getting the paper cutouts ready for hanging. We used fishing line, hot glue and a fine tuned balance to make sure they would “fly” correctly!









Oneli got the job of hanging them!

These are the Monarch paper cut-outs hung and looking fantastic! We chose reds, oranges and yellow paper to represent the colors of a butterfly!


The dragonflies are cut out of paper in Blues and Greens. and they are flying in so may ways!


Be sure and stop in and take a look!  We think they are so fun!

Halloween Open house!

The Ohio State Entomology Graduate Student Association will be hosting the United Titanium Bug Zoo Halloween Open House!

Our first annual open house will feature insects that are really good at camouflage and mimicry!

We are looking forward to this fun event!

Surprise Delivery! Hissing Cockroaches

Madagascar Hissing Cockroach success story!

The United Titanium Bug Zoo always has numerous amounts of Hissing Roaches on display, but we rarely get to see the actual birth. The female puts out a huge amount of effort in the reproduction.  She will create a cocoon-like egg case called an ootheca and will carry her eggs, and later her neonatal nymphs, inside of her body until they are ready to emerge as a live birth.

As you can see in the photos below, the nymphs will feed on the ootheca to give them an extra boost before heading out into the world!


The beginning phase of the live birth!


Can you see the ootheca? It is the yellow substance that the little ones are attached to!

A better view! How many can you count?


The nymphs eating the fluid for extra immunity!



Here all the nymphs will get a healthy start!


Next time you are in the United Titanium Bug Zoo you will have to see if you recognize any of them!!