Clintonville Food Pantry

One of the most enjoyable Scholars events and volunteering experiences I have had has been my visit to the Clintonville Food Pantry. A few fellow Bio Sci scholars and I took a bus up to the food pantry to lend a helping hand for a couple hours on a Tuesday Night. We helped clean up after a meal and then proceeded to unload a truck full of fresh produce for their next meal. It was great to work with both scholars and strangers and help to truly better our community. In fact, I enjoyed this experience so much that I have returned to help out on my own.

Autumn 2017- Semester in Review

This semester, my very first at college, was very important and humbling. I learned so much about myself in these first few months being on my own. This is the first time in my life that I haven’t lived within the confines of my own home and its safety. Also, this is the first time living without the guidance of my parents. Despite such a large change in my life, I feel I have adjusted very well to this life-changing experience. I am comfortable living here. I have done well managing all of my classes and grades without my parents having to tell me to do so. The Scholars program has helped immensely with forming a community and helping to build relationships. I have participated in a handful of scholars events where I have met students who share many of my interests. I have also had the amazing opportunity of serving with many of them. Fortunately, I was accepted into a Courageous Leadership Program through the FIJI fraternity. Upon completion, I was lucky enough to be one of three people in the program who received a scholarship. I have joined a couple of clubs that reflect my passions, such as PenPals where I get to work with and communicate with children. This semester has been a life changing time for me, but it is a time in which I believe I am doing well and have thoroughly enjoyed.

Bio Sci Flag Football

This fall, starting in September, I played on the Bio Sci Scholars Flag Football Team in the All-Scholars League. We played other Scholars program and this was a great way to build relationships within my own scholars program and meet students from other programs. Being a part of this team is a great memory and was a great way to stay active.

Artifact-Baseball Helmet

This helmet represents 4 of the most important years of my life leading up to college. This seemingly simple item was given to me as a gift from the Olentangy Liberty Baseball Program following my senior year. The helmet was signed by every one of my teammates from my senior year and my number was written on the bill. The gift was for the four years of service I dedicated to being a valuable teammate, player, and leader on the baseball team. As much as this honored the mark that I made on the team and all the work I put in, it also represented the mark the team made on me. For four years, the team was a part of my life. We were not the average high school baseball team. Our coaches stressed the fact that they were not just trying to make us better on the field, but they wanted most of our improvements to be made as men off the field. I learned numerous invaluable lessons from the coaches and the upperclassmen that came before me. The players before me made being a leader very easy, as I felt it was simply part of growing up in the program. The helmet represents four years of hard physical, mental, and emotional work I put in four or five days a week year-round. It represents an accomplishment of the four years of successful baseball, but also the four years of people who I helped and people who helped me. 

G.O.A.L.S. in Biological Science Scholars

My journey in the Bio Sci Scholars program is just beginning as I write this. I have been working to develop my skills and working to accomplish the G.O.A.L.S. of this program already. There are also many things I still need to do in order to not only fulfill the requirements of this program, but also to advance myself as an individual in the future. In order to one day embody all of the G.O.A.L.S. together, I have decided to focus on them all separately in my time at college and improve at one at a time.

Global Awareness is something that I am really excited to improve upon and learn about. One of the most important skills when it comes to global awareness is to always keep an open mind, something I really commit to. In order to directly react with the world outside of my community, I plan to study abroad at some point in my college career. To help start me on my journey, I am attending an information session about three of these programs next month. I hope one of these places interests me and is somewhere I can go to learn not only about a specific subject, but also to learn about a new culture.

Original Inquiry is a topic that I intend to start getting into a little bit down the road. I have not taken place in any research yet, but it is something that I intend on working on as soon as next year. To help start me, I have signed up for the Office of Undergraduate Research’s email list. I get all sorts of information from the Office and will pursue some opportunities as soon as I figure out what type of research I want to do.

Academic Enrichment is easy for us Scholars students, fortunately. First, thanks to the scholars program, we can easily connect with many students who are taking classes similar to us and we are able to collaborate with each other and really learn from one another. Also, being in scholars, honors classes are easier for us to get into and this is a great way to advance learning and push ourselves in the classroom. Additionally, I have considered joining clubs that have to do with Biology or other scientific fields and this will be a great way to academically enrich myself.

Leadership Development may be the area that I have done the most already, but it is an area I am very interested in and want to continue to grow in. In high school, I was the captain of the Varsity Baseball team. This experience helped me immensely with leadership. Already at OSU, I have joined the College Leadership Program through Fiji. In the future, I hope to eventually work myself into a leadership position in one of my clubs. Through these activities I will learn and have learned a lot about leadership and will also get to actually be a leader in the real world.

Service Engagement is also something that I take pride in. In high school, I was very involved in the Interact Service Club. At Ohio State volunteering opportunities and service events are everywhere and this should be easy for me. Through both scholars and other clubs, there are plenty of opportunities to make the world a better place and truly serve others. Also, I love working with kids and there are many ways I can serve by working with children.


On my e-portfolio, you will find information about my personal life and about things I have accomplished. Also, you will be able to see my plans to reach my G.O.A.L.S. and the progress I am making on them. I want those who visit my e-portfolio to be able to understand who I am, what I have done, and what I am planning on accomplishing in the future. Within, one will find an artifact from a past experience that represents me and something I have accomplished. Also, there is an About Me section that summarizes my past life and where I am currently in college. Finally, visitors can see progress and plans I have on reaching my G.O.A.L.S. for Scholars while also seeing my year in scholars in review.

About Me

    Hi! My name is Ben Buehrer and I am a first-year biology student at The Ohio State University and I am also considering a business minor. I am in the Biological Science Scholars Program. I was born in Toledo, Ohio in January of 1999. I lived in a small, rural town outside of Toledo called Delta until seventh grade when I then moved to Powell. This suburb of Columbus represented a very big change in lifestyle and environment for me. This new place would end up shaping me into who I am today while also helping prepare me for other big changes to come. Delta’s size gave me some important small town values, but Powell gave me some of the exposure that I needed while also holding great opportunity for me to succeed.

Being a part of the Olentangy Liberty Baseball program has had a great effect on me. The coaches took great pride in not only furthering our abilities on the field, but also in making us better, more well-rounded men off the field. In my four years in the program I was exposed to some very motivating people and this rubbed off on me as I was the team captain my senior year. The way I approach each day of my life has been greatly impacted by the time I spent in the program.

When making my college decision, I knew it was going to be Ohio State. At Ohio State, the Scholars program was something that was very appealing to me. It offered out-of-classroom enrichment without requiring any honors courses, something that intimidated me as I was entering college. The scholars program also seemed to be a great place to find community and involvement. On top of everything the scholars program had to offer, they also had a program that fit my interest, Biological Science. I found the Bio Sci scholars program at Ohio State to be the perfect thing for me in the perfect place for me.

Although I have a great interest in biology and the sciences in general, I have yet to decide on a specific career path for myself. I have a great interest in the outdoors and I am an avid hunter and fisherman with a great appreciation for nature. Something that gets me outside would be ideal, but I find myself still somewhat far from determining a specific career. However, I feel that the Scholars program will help me figure things out and get me steered in the right direction. I am excited to get started at Ohio State in the Scholars program!