How soon are you safe after starting birth control pills

Q: I was previously on birth control for almost 2 years and in the middle of April I stopped taking birth control pills. At the begining of June I started back on birth control again. Is it safe to have protected sex now with just the pill and without using another form of birth control, or do I have to wait an entire month after starting on birth control?

A: You will be protected from getting pregnant after 7 days of consistent use of birth control pills.  Consistent use means that you’re taking the pill every day at the same time (plus or minus 2 hours).  So basically, one week of birth control pills is enough to put the ovaries to sleep and keep you from getting pregnant.

However, having the phrases “protected sex” and “without using another form of birth control” in the same sentence makes us a little nervous.  We can not stress enough that birth control pills (or patches or shots or IUD’s) only protect you from getting pregnant.  They do NOT protect you from contracting sexually transmitted infections such as HIV, syphillis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, HPV, etc.  So please, please, please make sure that you are using other forms of barrier protection (condoms, dental dams) to protect yourself from contracting an STI.

Any Ohio State student (even thsoe without Student Health Insurance) can be seen at Student Health Women’s Services.  We now have 3 full-time health care providers (1 doctor and 2 nurse practitioners) who are available to consult with you for any concerns related to your reproductive health.  We encourage you to see us during your time at Ohio State wo we can help you maximize your health!

Li-Chun Liu, CNP – Ohio State Student Health Services

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  1. I am taking pills for 6 years that is the age also of my first born. Last week that was sunday Feb.18 was my last period,then i have no time to buy a new pack then we had contact Feb.26 sunday 1 week ti be exact. This morning Feb.27. I took immediately the first tablet of a new pill then this night will be the second tablet. He finished in me,now i’m worried,can i get pregnant?Thank you if ypu cal help me. GodBless

  2. I’ve been having unprotected sex and my partner and I felt that I should get on birth control but im scared of some of the side effects I’ve been reading online. What has the experience been like for you?

  3. I started the pill January and finished the first pack, my period just ended and started a new pack, day 2 of my period my partner came in me. Do I take a plan B or am I safe ?(from pregnancy)

  4. Hi everyone. Im a bit nervous beacause im on my second pack (5th pill) of althea pills. My bf and i had unprotected contact this march 16-18 (he finished inside me a lot of times). Ive been taking my pill the exact time. No missed pill. But im still worried. Should i get pregnant? Is there a limit of having unprotected sex while using bcp?

  5. So I’ve been taking the pill for a little over a year now. Last week I had my period like normal and then started back in my new pack of birth control like I’m supposed to (the pack started on Sunday March 19th). I had sex on Monday morning (March 20th). I had taken the pill like normal but we didn’t use a condom and he came in me. It’s been 3 days (it’s March 23rd) since then and he’s very worried. I don’t feel like I am, by could I be pregnant? My pill is Blisovi FE (generic for Microgestin FE 1.5-30 TAB).

  6. I have taken the minigynon for two months however the first month I take them on time and miss a few which wasn’t taken on time..but then the second month I started the pack right after without taking a 7 day break however for the second month I didn’t take them on time and I didn’t even take them time right like I wouldn’t remember to take the pill and the next day I would take two and resume to my original time taking them but I just didn’t take them on time or properly for month 2 the pack finish and I had my period and I had sex about two week after my period without any protection and my partner ejaculate in me and I didn’t get an emergency pill will I get pregnant?

  7. Hi,
    My contraceptive pill got discontinued so this month I’m starting a different one. The new pack says that if my current pill is a 28 day pill I should ignore the placebo pills and start the new one the day after the last active pill. The problem is that I already took 2 pills from the placebo week. So when should I start the new pack now? At the end of the placebo pills? or should I stop the placebo pills now and start the new pack? or should I wait for my “period” first day to start which should be in 2 days? I’m so confused HELP!

  8. I skipped three days of my birth control(week 2) and had unprotected sex . So I took plan b. Do I wait for my period and then start a new pack ? Or do I Continue the pack right after plan b or start a new pack right Now? Help ! I took the pill 03-26-17

  9. i want to ask this bcoz im worried,i had stop taking pills last jan.nd i hve did a’unprotective sex wth my bf this, mnth of march my menstration day come alwys on the 12 of the mnth nd last i did that unprotectve sex was 26 of march,do i will get pregnant?

  10. I stopped taking my pills for a week then had unprotected sex, then I started my pill for a week and he came in me on the third day, can I be pregnant?

    • I did kinda the same thing, I was on the pill correctly but I missed it the day before I had sex and then I started again the day I had sex, so like?? Are you pregnant? Wassup? I’m extremely nervous.

  11. I’ve been taking birth control for a week for prolonged bleeding and it really makes me feel bad. I don’t like it I’m going to stop. Will my menstrual come back.

  12. What if you have unprotected vaginal intercourse complete with ejaculating inside, on the SEVENTH day?? I’m fuzzy on that since it’s right on the cusp… Took the pill starting on Sunday after my period, took all pills Sunday to Saturday. Saturday afternoon tho was unprotected sex as explained above. What is the professional opinion on that?

  13. I have unprotected sex 4 days after my injection. Will I get pregnant? I have been using pills a week prior to using injectables. please reply.

  14. I have been on birth control for four years but I stopped taking it around November of 2015 and started back up the end of January 2017 so I guess a little less then 3 years I’ve been on bc. I didn’t get a period the whole time I wasn’t taking the pill and in January my doctor gave me pills to make me get my period and a 91 day pack of bc. I’m in the third month of that now. I missed two pills over the course of a week and then caught all of my pills back up. A couple days later I had sex, he pulled out and I took emergency contraception the next day and continued with my birth control. Could I still be pregnant? It’s been 11 days.

  15. I wasnt in a relationship for the past 2 yrs, so there was no need for contraceptive. I am now in a relationship. I had unprotected sex last Tuesday, i took the Postonor2 the next day. On Thursday of the same week i stared taking the minigynon contraceptive and had unprotected sex again that night. What are my chances of getting pregnant.

  16. I start the pill 3 day after my period had finished, meanwhile i Had unprotected sex two day before the pill and have been having sex even since. Am I protect or I’m not ?

  17. I start the pill 3day after my period has finished, and I had sex 2 day after my period on and on am I protect or am I not

  18. How about I started birth control 3 months ago and I’m still taking it, and I did sex days ago, do I have a chance on getting pregnant?

  19. I’ve missed three days and I threw out my packet and started a new one. Should I be okay? Also I take my pills at 11:30pm, am I taking the pill to late at night?

  20. I got the shot 5 days ago. But my boyfriend accidentally cam inside me. Is it that bad that It wasn’t 7 days? What are the chances of getting pregnant?

  21. Hi, hope someone can help me.ive been started using bc pills on the friday 12 may on the last day of my period however I took the pills only 3 times on saturdy and tuesday 16th may and then stopped. I hated the side effects which came with the pill such as prolong headache and nausea each time I took it so I decided to stop. However on sundy 21st may I started having cramps and started to bleed but it did not look like my normal period.on monday 22nd may which is suppose to be my ovulation day I had unprotected sex wt my bf and he ejaculated I told him it was okay as I thought I was having my period. However later learn that there is such a thing called withdrawal bleeding. The bleeding only lasted for 3dys. Now im worried, was taking the pill 3 times that effective to prevent ovulation? Am I pregnant?

  22. Hello! I’m on my 5th day of taking the pill. I ovulated on the 27th of May and I had unprotected sex today but my boyfriend never finishes inside me. He pulls out and ejaculates in a tissue. We use this method efficiently. My cervical mucus has been sticky and chunky like but not as chunky as it would be if I had a yeast infection. Possibility of being pregnant?

  23. This is different from what u guys are asking
    But im going on a trip with my family and i have to take 5 of my birth control pills and my family doesnt know that i take them and i dont want any of the people that work there to check them in front of my family also i will probably put them in my purse i have the 21 ones so i will just cut the 5 ones and idk in which bag is better the one i will carry on or the one that will go on the airplane

  24. I was on oral contaceptives for 3 months then i stopped , now 7 months later ive been using the same pill for the passed 8 days and last night i had unprotected sex . will I fall pregnant??

  25. I started the pill about a month ago now, and my pack only brought the 21 active pills, so I took them.. little after I got my period.. while I was on it I didn’t take it since I didn’t have the inactive pills… I just started my second pack on Sunday and Thursday my boyfriend and I had sex and he came inside me, could I be pregnant ? Need answers please !

    • If you have been taking your birth control consistently for over a month, without missing a day, you have followed the manufacturers recommendations and should be fine.

  26. Hi. I’ve been on BC for about roughly 4-5 years now, I’m taking estrogen 2.5 maybe something like that. I recently skipped 3 days of the pill one week after my menstrual cycle, and I had unprotected sex last night, is it possible for me to be pregnant? Or is the BC in my system deep already? Heeelpppp!

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