I live in a dorm – can I have my medications shipped to me?

Used to be, you took your prescription to the pharmacy, they filled it, and that was that. Now, however, many insurance companies are requiring that ongoing medications – those you take month after month – be ordered and filled through a mail order pharmacy. That works great – but where do you have your medications shipped if you live in a dorm?

I checked with Student Life Housing to see if medications could be sent to a dorm address. The answer is yes. Make sure that your name and dorm address is correctly identified to the mail order company to ensure correct delivery.

If, however, you have a medication that requires refrigeration or perhaps you are on a particularly expensive medication, or maybe you’re just not comfortable with having your meds sent to your dorm, we here at Student Health Services can help you out. You can ship your medications to our pharmacy. Just give them a call at 614-292-0125 and let them know you’d like to have your medications shipped to them. When your medications are received, they will notify you so that you can come and pick them up.

Submitted by Tina Comston, M.Ed.