Looking to quit smoking? There’s an app for that!

Actually there are many apps out there to assist with those who want to quit smoking many of which are free.  Leah Kaiser of the Ohio State Health Plan reviewed a few of these apps at a recent demonstration at the Ohio State Digital Union.  Here is what she found:

LIVESTRONG MyQuit Coach(IPhone):  This app will allow you to evaluate your current status, set attainable goals and adjust preferences according to your needs.   One great feature is that it will allow you to track your cravings.    By knowing when your cravings hit, you can plan for them and develop strategies to overcome them.

Quit It Lite(IPhone): The focus of this app is to allow you to see benefits you have realized since you quit, both financially and health-wise.  It also provides a counter to show how long it has been since you quit – just in case you need such a reminder.  It can also be integrated with your social media accounts to provide additional support.

Cessation Nation (Android):  This app is very similar to Quit It Lite – but for the android.  One added bonus is that it provides a distracting game to play when those cravings hit.

My Quit Buddy (IPhone & Android): Set goals, get science facts, see the financial and health benefits you have achieved since quitting, get quitting tips.

Mindfulness Medication(IPhone & Android):  This app focuses on medication to set you in the correct mindset to quit the habit.  You can meditate while listening to a narration or you can use the timer feature to meditate without the narration.

Submitted by Tina Comston, M.Ed.