Study Smarter – Not Longer


Finals are quickly approaching and there are just not enough hours in the day to finish all of your papers and study for exams.  What can you do to get that top grade?  WebMD reports the following:

  • Log off Facebook: A recent study at The Ohio State University found that students who use Facebook spend less time studying and as a result have a lower GPA than those who do not frequent the social media site.
  • Change Locations: Studies show that you retain more information if you very your studying locations. Part of what your brain does when processing your notes and readings is to connect it to the environment you are in. By changing locations you associate the material with a lot of different cues which gives you more triggers for retrieving the information. Just make sure the locations you choose are free of distractions so you can concentrate.
  • Take Naps: A study in Israel found that sleeping for 90 minutes after learning new information helps to cement this knowledge into your long term memory.
  • Space Out: Retention rates are better when you allow yourself time to forget information and relearn rather than pulling an all-nighter or trying to cram it all in the day before. Instead read through your notes say 4 days ahead of time, then again 3 days ahead of time, then 2 days, etc.
  • Exercise: Short bursts of exercise, such as jumping jacks or push-ups improves the ability to remember information you just learned. Nothing big, as little as 6 minutes will do the trick.

If you want to read this article, it can be found in the Fall 2013 WebMD Campus magazine.