Welcome to campus, New Buckeyes Part I

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Don't get lost in the crowd!

The Student Health Center

We know you’re bombarded with a lot of information in a small amount of time during orientation and Welcome Week and it’s hard to retain it all.  So we thought we’d put the highlights here on the blog so that you can refer to them when you’re not so swamped. 

Health Care Services

Ok, you have made it to our web site.  Our most popular features:

  • Our BuckMD blog offers a wide range of advice on many topics.  You can like us on Facebook and see the latest updates, or follow us in Twitter. 
  • Our Events Calendar shows special programs for students and schedule variations including our Saturday Clinic dates.
  • Our Services link takes you to pages for each of our service area, and detailed information on what we offer, our location and contact information
  • Our Forms page links you to a variety of documents, including fill-in downloadable forms that you can complete prior to your visit.

My BuckMD

My BuckMD is our secured portal giving you access to:

  • encrypted messaging
  • printable immunization and medication history
  • online appointment scheduling
  • access to forms that you can submit online in advance.

To sign up, you need to come in to the Health Center with a photo ID.


We offer a full-service pharmacy here at the Student Health Center.

  • Prescription medicines
  • Over-the-counter medicines
  • Walk-in vaccine services
  • Pharmacist counseling
  • Prescription transfers from your home to our pharmacy. (All you need is the prescription number and the name/phone number of the original pharmacy – all of which are on the package label.)  

Our pharmacy is contracted with many insurance companies but not all.  You can stop by or call 614-292-0125 to find out if we can bill your specific insurance.


We understand that you may just be learning how to use health insurance, whether it is your student insurance, or other coverage you carry. 

  • We are the primary provider for the OSU Student Health Insurance Plans
  • We are also in-network with most Medical Mutual and Anthem/BlueCrossBlueShield health insurance plans and a few others.  Contact Patient Accounts or Patient Registration if you have a question about this. 
  • You should learn the basics of your coverage – in-network vs. out-of-network, how co-pays work, etc.
  • If you are on non-OSU insurance, be sure to bring your insurance ID card with you to school

If you are not on the Student Health Insurance Plan or with an in-network plan, you should definitely consider purchasing the WilceCare Supplement

  • Routine x-rays, laboratory tests, physical therapy, minor office procedures, prescribed medical supplies, office visits for illness and injury and prescriptions are all covered.


Roger Miller, MD (OSU Student Health Services