How Healthy are Healthy Foods?


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A recent WebMD report cited 23 “Food Frauds” that are suggested by advertising as being healthy food choices, but really contain lots of hidden bad stuff:

  • extra calories
  • fats
  • sugar
  • salt

or, they are just misleading:

  • 2% milk does not mean 2% of the fat in whole milk, but actually about 50%
  • “Zero trans-fat” may not truly mean there is no trans-fat in the food

Here are some of their list of frauds – are any of these on your menu for today?

  1. Fresh Smoothies
  2. Energy Bars
  3. Chicken Burrito
  4. Sugar-free Drinks
  5. 2% Milk
  6. Turkey Hot Dogs
  7. Low-fat Granola
  8. Added Omega 3
  9. Iced Tea
  10. Trans-fat Free Foods

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Healthy Eating!

Roger Miller, MD (OSU Student Health Services)

Source: WedMD (Copyright ©2009, WebMD, LLC. All rights reserved)