Buckeyes Head to Head with the Gators

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The Buckeyes and Gators meet today at the Gator Bowl. This is a great time to see how a Buckeye compares to a Gator in some of the dimensions of health that are studied by our colleagues at the OSU Student Wellness Center

Substance abuse – How many students have used prescription drugs not prescribed for them in the past 12 months?

          OSU = 15.6%           UF = 19.9%

Unhealthy Eating – how many students report their weight being outside the healthy weight range (Body Mass Index 18.5-24.9)?

          OSU = 37.2%           UF = 32.9%

Sexual Health – how many students report having had no sexual partners in the past 12 months?

          OSU = 27.3%           UF = 29.1%

Stress – how many students report having felt so depressed that it was difficult to function anytime in the past 12 months?

          OSU = 30.4%           UF = 29.4%

These few snapshots of our campuses show how similar we are with our esteemed opponents. That is why our student health and student wellness programs are so important.  Come see us for advice to make your lifestyle a healthier one. 


Roger Miller, MD  (OSU Student Health Services)


OSU: http://slra.osu.edu/posts/documents/exec-summary.pdf

UF: http://healthygators.ufsa.ufl.edu/surveys/healthy-gators-student-survey/healthy-gators-student-survey-2010-findings