10 Ways to Save Money on Birth Control


I just came across a very good article in Women’s Health called “10 Wayst to Save on Your Birth Control.”  (Yes, I was reading Women’s Health.  It was research, OK.  My wife left it next to my Sports Illustrated and I picked it up by accident…)

Anyway, the article is especially timely because we’re coming up on the end of the year and that means prescription benefits are starting to run out.  We often see students this time of year faced with the frustrating situation of needing just a few weeks of pills but being told that they need to pay out of pocket for a full month’s worth.  Some of the tips in this article might help.

No need for me to rewrite the article, but I would add a couple of things. 

They recommend bargain hunting on online pharmacies.  I would just warn you that buying medicine online is a very risky proposition – sometimes you are not getting what you pay for and in the case of birth control, the results can be disastrous.  If you go online, make sure the site is linked to a real pharmacy that you can actually call or go into, and never buy medicine that they are willing to sell you without a prescription.  Better yet, just come in to our pharmacy to make sure you are getting the real deal from someone who can answer all of your questions.

They make a good point about condoms being a cheaper birth control option depending on how frequently you have sex, but many women take birth control pills for reasons besides preventing pregnancy.  If that’s you, be sure to talk to your women’s health care provider before stopping them.

Another option not mentioned in the article, and one that the we do right here at the Student Health Center, is Implanon.  The wonderful clinical staff in our Women’s Services Department can help you decide which birth control option is right for you, including letting you know which one is the easiest on your purse!  

Now, back to my research.  Oooohhh… 6 weeks to my leanest, hottest body ever! 

John A. Vaughn, MD
Student Health Services
The Ohio State University