Welcome to BuckMD!

The Student Health Center

Hello new and returning Buckeyes!  Welcome back to campus for what we hope will be an exciting and rewarding year for you!

BuckMD is going into its 3rd year now and we’ve been busy over the summer getting ready to help you prepare for the challenges of the year ahead!  Wanna know how safe that tattoo you’re thinking about getting is?  Or if antibiotics really interfere with your birth control?  Or even how to prepare for a zombie apocalypse?  Well, look no further, my friends.  

We know everyone goes online for health information nowadays and while there’s plenty of good information out there, it often lacks the proper context.  That’s where we come in.  We’ll put that information in context for you and – most importantly – introduce you to a group of living, breathing health care providers right here on campus that you can actually see if necessary.

We want this blog to be an entertaining, informative and engaging way to talk about health topics that are important to you.  Ask us anything!  If you’re worried about something, odds are other students are too and with so many different types of people on campus, we’re all bound to learn something new.  

So let’s get this party started!  Check out the posts we’ve already done and let us know what you think.  Post a comment.  Subscribe to our RSS feed.  Follow us on Facebook.  Tweet to us on Twitter.  And most of all, send a question to buckmd@studentlife.osu.edu so we can start talking about what matters to you!

Go Bucks!

John A. Vaughn, MD
Student Health Services
The Ohio State University

40 thoughts on “Welcome to BuckMD!

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  2. Hello BUCKMD,

    I think it’s great that you have made health a large priority for the students. We at The Wellness Soldier have made health a large priority for Canadian veterans and continue to do so. We thought we would share a Meal Plan with your students as well as finding time to take care of meal planning is difficult. It gets even tougher when at university I would imagine.

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