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April is National Sexually Transmitted Diseases Awareness Month, and the CDC and other organizations are teaming up with MTV to sponsor GYT (Get Yourself Tested).org.  Click on this link to check out their web site. 

Do you know that Chlamydia is one of the most common STD’s that does not cause symptoms? 

Yes, Brutus, that means you can get it, have it, AND share it without knowing about it. 

GYT has opened the Chlamydia clinic, so come on in the waiting room and get educated about this disease.  Just click on their questions, and get some answers.  Symptoms or not, all sexually active women under 25 should get a Chlamydia test each year, and men should consider a yearly test, too, if they are at risk. 

Ready to get tested?  Student Health Services is one of many places where you can be tested for STD’s.  You can call us for an appointment, or, if you like, confidential STD tests are available through our OIY (Order It Yourself) program without an appointment.  If you test positive, it is essential that you be seen for appropriate counseling and treatment. 

Next week – is safer sex still cool?

Roger Miller, MD

Student Health Services

The Ohio State University