I’ve never had this many colds. Is something wrong with me?


The Columbus Dispatch ran a special health section about colds and flu this weekend which included a number of fairly well-done pieces. I found a few informative bits myself, and am going to use this quote from local primary care provider Donna Donati, MD: “Colds spend four days coming, four days here, and four days going.” For those of you keeping score, that’s 12 days. I’d add a few days at the end, actually, for nasal congestion and cough to resolve completely.

It’s pretty typical for the average adult to have five or six colds through the course of cold and flu season, which, if you’re keeping score, means SIXTY-plus days of viral misery. In other words, two-plus months of snot does not necessarily mean you’re dying or have a “weak immune system” (a common complaint). It means you’re normal.

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Victoria Rentel, MD
Student Health Services
The Ohio State University

2 thoughts on “I’ve never had this many colds. Is something wrong with me?

  1. I’ve never had “allergies” in my life and i keep being told my issues are allergy related. I’ve only been well over the last 7 month 2 weeks, literally. I have been on COUNTLESS antibiotics on I’m allergy meds, & Singular which seems to be working HOWEVER, I’m sick again. What gives? I’m beginning to feel like there’s an underlying problem they are not seeing that’s making me so sick. I have a cough that’s ruining my life. Its wet and dry at times. I don’t know what OTC meds to purchase anymore-nothing works even the cough syrup w/ codeine does nothing. I’m out of PTO and Already seen an allergist so I don’t know what else to do. My PCP is an internal med so I felt like that was good… any suggestions where or what to do now? Pushing 8 months of sickness is a LONG time of they same symptoms.

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