Get Yourself Tested (GYT) – Final installment

Get Yourself Tested

Get Yourself Tested (GYT) – Part 5!

Last week, we blogged about getting yourself psyched to make an appointment.  Now, you have an appointment.  You have marked it in your calendar, entered it in your iTouch or iPhone, put it on your Outlook, and (my favorite) written it on your arm.

Next step, talking to the clinician.  That part isn’t so bad. Granted, most of us look like your mom and dad, but we are part of the Office of Student Life.  We know college students.  We have been inside residence halls and dining commons.  We have helped with Move-in. We have tailgated.  Want to know more?  Look us up here.

Best of all, we know you are nervous and a little worried about coming in for an STD visit.  We will do our best to calm you down and listen to your concerns.  You can also learn a lot in a short time with us.

To be ready to get the most from your visit, take a look at the “Talking to your provider” tips at the GYT site.

Ok, you are ready.  Don’t waste a pigeon or bust a window getting this done.  GYT. Get yourself tested.  Do it soon.

Roger Miller, MD (SHS Preventive Medicine) for BuckMD