Smile! You’re on ovulation camera!

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Ever been interested in what a human egg looks like when it pops out of an ovary? What YOU looked like – well, half of you anyway – way back when you were only a bunch of chromosomal material and some gelatinous gooey protein?

Okay, I’m speaking to a very narrow group of fellow dorky mega-nerds, but wow, these pictures totally blew me away. Captured accidentally during surgery for a hysterectomy, the surgeon managed to get pictures over about a fifteen minute period while the egg erupted. Well, given that the process took 15 minutes, perhaps “erupted” is a bit too explosive a word. Let’s say the egg was expelled gradually.  How fortuitous that somebody was there with a camera to capture the blessed event.

This is you! This is your brother, mother, dad, sister, kids, if you have any. Along came a sperm and a few months later, here comes baby. Or, if you’re female like, oh, half our readers, and you’re not suppressing ovulation in some way (with oral contraceptives or Depo-Provera) this is what happens every month, about halfway through your menstrual cycle, give or take a few days. Weird but cool.

Read more about it at:

Human Egg Makes Accidental Debut on Camera

Victoria Rentel MD