Is it unhealthy for guys to masturbate daily?

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Q: Is it unhealthy to masturbate daily?

A: I have a family member who is a police officer in another state.  As part of the hiring process he had to undergo a psychological evaluation, during which he was asked the following question: “Would you rather have sex or read a book?” 

Without missing a beat, he answered: “Well… am I in a library?”

Besides being pretty hilarious, what does that story have to do with answering your question?  Everything.  It depends on the situation

If you’re asking if there are risks of physical harm from frequent masturbation, the answer is no.  I suppose if you’re giving yourself rug burns or carpal tunnel syndrome, you should tone it down a notch.  But if you’re talking about the whole “you’ll go blind” or “you’ll grow hair on your palms” stuff – the answer is a definitive no.   It doesn’t affect fertility (unlike the ladies, who are born with all of the eggs they’ll ever have, guys constantly replenish sperm throughout their lives) or cause any other physical problems.

Could it even be good for you?  There’s been some press lately that frequent ejaculation (either alone or with a partner) lowers the risk of prostate cancer.  One study seemed to indicate that men who averaged 20+ ejaculations per month had a significantly lower risk of developing prostate cancer compared to men who average 4-7 per month.  But there are some problems with the study that make it hard to say whether or not this relationship is really true. 

HOWEVER… there are times when frequent masturbation can be a sign of trouble.  Obviously, if you feel it’s causing a problem in your life – making you feel guilty, anxious, depressed, or causing problems with relationships – then it should be addressed.   And if it is compulsive – you want to stop but you can’t – that can be a sign of a more serious issue like Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). 

I know this is a “touchy” topic (sorry… couldn’t resist), but it’s a very common question so you shouldn’t feel embarrassed.  Odds are you’ve got absolutely nothing to worry about – but if you are, the clinical staff at Student Health or CCS can help. 

John A. Vaughn, MD (OSU SHS)


52 thoughts on “Is it unhealthy for guys to masturbate daily?

  1. okay, i get some of what your saying, but I need to ask (out of worry) is it normal to play with myself almost 5-8 times a week? I mean I try to not “please myself”, on a 12-hour basis, but even then… when I see women in very short exotic shorts, or skirts and legs are all… you know…. apparent I want to masterbate, right then. yet my gut instinct is telling me that
    I need to : wait for the day to finish, there are….other ladies out there to view and fixate about when masterbating.

    seriously, tough would not masterting after some time (that and the fact I really fixate on Females and their anatomy) would make me go a little wonko?

    • There is nothing wrong with masturbating, but when something consumes your thoughts throughout the day, whether it is the issue described here, food, gaming, exercise, etc., then it could be that you are obsessing and that might not be healthy. I would recommend taking the time to talk with someone, such as a counselor, to determine if you are indeed obsessing and if it could be harmful. Counseling and Consultation at The Ohio State University offers free counseling sessions for currently enrolled students. You can find out more at their website:

    • So when you see an attractive woman what happens is your testosterone elevates and you get what is in slang called a “chub” which is perfectly normal but your testes are already in the process of bulding up sperm ready to ejaculate. So, where am I going with this…. if you don’t release the sperm after a few encounters of chubs throughout the day then your balls will hurt because you have so much sperm built up that it’s backed up which in turn is called “blue balls” which is by far one of the worst and uncomfortable pains that I have experienced. But let’s say you feel like every time you masturbate you become weak not physically but mentally. Like you feel depressed in a way and you want to change your habits. Then you will legit have to masturbate on a less frequent rate. DO NOT JUST STOP MASTURBATING. You have to slow your rate of masturbation and then by that time you would have a girlfriend or boyfriend take care of that for you. If you just stop out of the blue and break your daily routine I will guarantee you will have pains with in a week.

  2. Counseling and Consultation at The Ohio State University offers free counseling sessions for currently enrolled students.

    Maam ,
    first of all, Thank you. 2nd. I’m in california would there be a stressless-Free counseling or something, near my area of (95121) that might be available for part time Students like myself?


    • It looks like your zip code is in San Jose? If you are a student at San Jose State University, they have a Counseling Center that offers free short-term personal counseling. You might check them out.

    • These types of conversations are best held in person. If you are an Ohio State University student, CCS offers 10 free counseling sessions to students.

  3. Hey I masturbate once everyday, mostly because I started last year and now it’s almost difficult to stop, I mean I’m gay so I dont date girls. But do you think it’s bad and I should try to stop, I never do it more than once a day

    • Masturbation in and of itself is not bad – medically speaking. This, of course, is assuming that you are not doing it in a manner that is harmful to yourself.

      On the mental side of things, the question to ask is “Is this consuming your thoughts?” Is becoming obsessive for you to the point that you could not stop for a day or two? If something is consuming your thoughts, regardless of what it is, and you just cannot let it go, then perhaps sitting down and talking with someone, a doctor or counselor, would be a good idea. They can determine if things have escalated to an unhealthy level.

    • I’m young and-I just don’t know if its okay to masterbate on a normal biases. I really need to know.

  4. I dont believes I got a straight answer but : is there a number or Free to LOW services charge for a full time student, such as myself??

    I can also be.contactwd via FB
    Must use full use of name
    Alfred Alexander Atenta

  5. I’ve read on a couple of websites that you lose a fair share of nutrients through masturbation (since sperm/semen is nutrient rich) the most significant being zinc. Could this cause some sort of deficiency especially since something like zinc is difficult to replenish through diet?

    • I don’t believe that’s true, now if that was absorbing our nutrients then all the other guys in the world that masturbate would have to same effect. But I’m no doctor so if you’re very worried than talk to a doctor

  6. I masturbate once a day and i don’t if it is right. Do you guys have any ideas if i should stop or not?

    • Go for it! I’m old, past 70. most men my age would have sex or masturbate daily once or more if we could. Too many things happen to the male body over time that preclude or prevent that. It is even good preventive medicine to masturbate to avoid prostatitis. When you’re young MASTURBATE ALL YOU WANT TO! IT’S FUN!!!!!


  8. OK I’m 57 and have been married twice and have a son, I have been single for a long time, I masterbate some times 12 times a day and most of the time it’s about 6 times a day. I’m retired and lonely I have always had a lot of sex with women when I was younger, but now I find it easier to just jack off and not deal with women, but I would love a partner is my masterbateing stopping me from finding one?

  9. Is it bad that I’m 12 years old and I love masterbating?like 4-5 times a day? If not I really want some great ways to do it without any sex toys my parents don’t know. I have tried doing it with a ball and had a great pleasure. What are other ways to really get a fun great and pleasuring orgasm or in other words what other objects should I have sex with?(That are non living)

  10. I’m 24 years vergins ,how often it is safe to masturbate for me , how often do the same age boys & girls do it ?

    • that question does not matter my friend. masterbating is bad. jesus loves you he died for your sins on the cross. there is heaven and hell its real and the judgemnt is near

    • I am a true Christian and i frown upon other so called Christians using our religion to dictate the morality of something that isn’t even their business. Masturbation is a human instinct and part of humanity. There is nothing wrong with it even on a religious level. Masturbation is NOT a sin. What is a sin however is using a religion to dictate whether something is moral or not. Morality is something far deeper than what one person or book says it is. If anything is a sin it is you paul kim for shaming other people for something that is not your choice to make. No bible says anything specifically about masturbation, and even if it did. God would not create people with reproductive organs and chemicals that urge people to do such things as sex and masturbation. There is a scientific reason that masturbation feels good and is a rewarding pleasurable thing to do, and god made us the way we are which means it was entirely his intention. As long as masturbation is not interfering with health and other life things it is completely moral and okay to do. NOT a sin.

    • Masturbating is not a sin, I audio read the bible and not once have I heard masturbation is a sin. In this case God or Jesus don’t apply in this conversation this is just a talk for people who are worried about masturbation and is it unhealthy… No it’s not once a day is actually good to vanquish testosterone.

  11. I’m56yrs and masturbate daily. Normally2 to 3 hrs then ejaculate without touching myself. If anyone knows of any really satisfying methods please let me know.

  12. I jack off once a day. i’ve been married for over 35 years and i have no real desire for sex with my wife but enjoy seeing young women masturbating on various web sites. this really has caused problems. My wife thinks i have no interest in her because I view other younger sexier women. I think I look at younger sexier women because they excite me and being excited feels good~! I don’t like hurting her feelings but being realistic…I know I won’t ever have excited feelings for her ……I am a fan of young beautiful bodies…I am a bad guy I guess.

  13. masturbating is totally bad I do it ones or twice a weak and I am 15 I thinks that due to this my height is not increasing because the food that I take all its protein ,minerals and vitamins go waste by doing it. And I also thoughts that due to it I am not able to concentrate on studies .
    Some one please give me suggestion because it colirated to my future

    • I’m 15 and I do it at least once a day (sometimes even up to 3 or 4 times per day) and I have found no problems with my body. I am quite tall myself (so the height thing may just be a genetically thing (if your parents are tall then you have probably got the shorter recessive gene)) and my mental and physical health are lacking in no main areas. I do wear glasses but that’s only because I seclude myself in my room all day watching YT or playing Xbox. There should be no factors linking that to your height or anything.
      As for the studies, I’d suggest getting a tutor so that you will be forced to study without getting the urge to masturbate.

  14. I am 57 and separated from my wife for the last 8 years. I can go for about four days without masturbating. I have tried to stop but the buildup is so strong I can’t help myself.l then have these Earth shattering orgasm.l must admit I get excited watching gay oral sex..i lift weights so I don’t know if this is adding to my increase sex drive. I really want to stop .

  15. Heya my name is nobita & I am from india see before I used to masturbate 3/4 times a day but I am a footballer so I was facing many problems and one of the of it was stamina I couldn’t run as like my friends I was too much addicted to it that I couldn’t stay a single day without masturbation. So slowly I started decreasing it as 3 days a in a week and finally 1 time a day and it was fine to deal with it. I started having healthy food and was focused on my daily ativity and at last at night I used to this way I changed the addiction to it and now I am a state level player and so still I masturbate 1 time a day . See friends doing that thing has merit and demerit too so you should know how to deal with it for your better health as well as for your future

  16. I believe mail masturbation is healthy human and pleasurable. Once a day for 50 year old man. It’s fine.
    However I have found that usually something goes with it. Pornography. Obsessive thinking. Instead of sex. In this case extremely graphic and what seemed rehearsed videos and pics.
    He said ” I was too complicated. I said he is too weird. He’s no angel but behaved like one before this occurred. Anyone have thoughts? I have asked him appropriate questions.

  17. And if it is compulsive – you want to stop but you can’t – that can be a sign of a more serious issue like Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD).
    Its an addiction, offcourse people will have issues stopping the addictive behavior.
    this doesnt means they have OCD

    a meth addict keeps lighting up because he has ocd?

  18. I am a 71 year old man who has masturbated since I was 9 or 10…. When younger I always masturbated 2 or 3x’s per day ..7 days per week.
    I am now 71 and am worried about prostate problems but have a need to masturbate… Have tried to do without but enjoy the masturbation daily. I herd that masturbation cleans out dead cells or something like that… Have spoken to many guys my age but they become hilarious when we chat about it. Most have had prostate surgery but did they really need surgery? I urinate fine and have normal feelings and bowel movements…. My blood test was a 4.8 for prostate but I am feeling OK.
    I would hate to give up masturbation. t 70ish it is good for me and many men my age feel good if they could do it. What are the advantages of masturbation at my age?
    I use to remember how the priest would tell us we were sinners and to repent? One priest told me that men should not be so fearful of jerking off…lol Unfortunately he made a nun pregnant and left the order.
    How confusing life is.

  19. I am 34 years old. I mesterbate once on Monday, twice on Tueday, zero time on Wednesday, 1 time on Thirsday, Zero times on Friday, three times on Saturday, and 1 one time on Sunday.
    Will I become homosexual or experience spontaneous anal prolapse if I continue this????

  20. I have been master baiting since I was eleven every day now I am 15 is it ok to my testotestosterone and what are some strategy
    to stop

  21. I am 61 years old and have been masturbating since I was 9 years old. I masturbate at least once a day, dramatically reduced from when I was younger! I enjoy masturbating, it’s fun! Like someone else said there is NOTHING wrong with it as long as it does not consume or interfere with your daily activities. GO FOR IT AND ENJOY IT! Do it ALL you want to while you are able to!

    • I couldn’t agree more. As an older man I’m telling you younger ones what no one told me when I was your age: Too many things happen to a man’s body as he ages that preclude or prevent sexual activity of any kind, that includes Masturbation! Arthritis, kidney dialysis, sleep apnea, diabetes, blood pressure, other cardiovascular problems are all treatable, but not preventable. All of them affect a man’s sexual ability to some degree. In a relationship have as much intercourse as your relationship will allow. In or out of a relationship, masturbate as much as you want to satisfy the need. I’m not going to be one of those who says “It’s OK as long as you don’t do it too much.” That is nonsense. No one says how much is too much. Understandable because we’re all different, but that still leaves men, especially young men thinking they do it too much because their masturbatory acts are limited not by desire, but by how much privacy they have. Even men in their 20’s or 30’s who have 20 minutes of privacy now and then during the day will masturbate one to three times. If you have the need:. GO FOR IT!!!!! You may not always be able to. If you’re really concerned you masturbate too much, carve out a few days, or a 24 to 48 hour period when you have privacy. Then masturbate not as much as you want to, but as much as you can. Use lubricants if your best six inches gets sore, but play with that manhood as much as you can, pump it, stroke it, pound it, hump the pillows and sofa cushions; however you want to get off, go for it. When you reach a point your body or your mind tells you: ‘”I’m tired of masturbating” you will know how much is too much for you. If that doesn’t happen, enjoy yourself, have fun with my compliments!

  22. I am 74. Wife is 69. Sex once a week with her. I do it manually 2/3 times daily without completion. Then completion feels much greater.
    I had robotic surgery 6 years ago. Did not affect my desire for mastrubation or sex with wife. Go For It Guys. (Ladies too!)

  23. i am used to masterbate almost 5 times in a week .is it harmful to my body because i am just 55 kgs just on the age of 24.please give me some solution

  24. Hi,is it true that jerking off once a day reduces your sex desire in the future with your partner?some people say that if you jerk off less you’ll have a better relation with your partner in future,are they right?

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