Measles Initiative

Unless you’re taking a class in the history of infectious diseases – or ever tried to decipher those scribbles on your childhood immunization records that you had to dig out when you came to campus – you’ve probably never heard of measles.  You were likely vaccinated against this disease back when you were learning to walk, and didn’t really care much at the time. 

However, did you know that measles is still a major threat in many developing parts of the world, and that over 600 children a DAY die from this disease? 

The Immunization Action Coalition is an organization that promotes education and information on vaccine-related topics.  Recently, their Video of the Week caught BuckMD’s eye.  It is from the Measles Initiative, a collaborative effort of the CDC, World Health Organization, UNICEF, the United Nations Foundation, and the American Red Cross, that involves youth advocates in educating and raising awareness of global measles prevention efforts. 

Click below to see these guys in action and learn how you can GET ACTIVE, GET INVOLVED!


Best of Health!


Roger Miller, MD for BuckMD