Are you interested in a long term relationship?

Q:  I am a new student at Ohio State on student health insurance, and I am looking to start a long-term relationship with a family physician or internist here at Ohio State not just for acute illness. Should I find my doc at the student health center, or should I go to an off-campus primary care office? And would going to an off-campus office cost the same with student insurance?

A:  You can absolutely establish an ongoing primary health care relationship with one of our physicians, nurse practitioners or physicians assistant here at the student health center.  We all provide comprehensive primary care, including management of medications and any necessary testing, referrals to specialists and reviewing previous medical records to ensure appropriate continuity of care.  You can even have prescriptions from your previous health care provider transferred to our pharmacy.  

You will be scheduled with your designated health care provider for all routine follow up visits, and whenever possible for acute visits as well.  Obviously, when students are acutely ill, our first goal is getting them prompt evaluation and treatment, so you may be offered same day appointments with another health care provider if needed.  To learn more about our health care providers, visit our bio page

In general, it will be cheaper for you to come to the student health center if you have student insurance.  Your co-pays are waived for illness and injury related office visits and in general, you receive a higher level of coverage for ancillary services (lab, x-ray, physical therapy) performed within our facility.  Be sure to check with the Student Health Insurance office for details regarding coverage.