Can any student use the Student Health Center?

One of the most common questions we get from students is whether or not they can use Student Health Services if they don’t have Student Health Insurance.  Here are the basics:

  • ALL enrolled students are eligible to use Student Health Services, regardless of your insurance coverage.
  • Having the university’s insurance program (SHIP) is NOT required to be a patient here.
  • Your eligibility begins 7 days before the 1st day of classes, and lasts until the night before the next quarter begins (so breaks are included).
  • You also remain eligible for one additional quarter after graduation or leaving school, but you need to be sure to purchase the off-term coverage from Student Health Insurance or alternative coverage.  If you don’t, you’ll be responsible for all charges.   
    • Example 1 – You are enrolled summer quarter, you take fall quarter off – you can still use SHS until winter quarter begins.
    • Example 2 – You graduate spring quarter – you can still use SHS until fall quarter begins.
  • Student Health Services at Wilce is the preferred provider for that plan.
    • We bill directly for you to the SHIP.
    • Your best coverage benefits are for services at Student Health.
  • How does it work if you have other insurance?
    • SHS can bill to them directly as well, but you must register your plan at the Health Center every year.
    • Check with your insurance company about how they will pay for services here.  We are considered “out of network” for most plans.
    • Even if you choose not to see our clinical staff, the SHS pharmacy does accept a number of prescription insurance plans.  Call the pharmacy at 292-0125 or stop by to find out more.
    • Our lab and radiology areas can also process orders from your hometown doctor.  
    • All students are required to submit proof of health insurance during registration to be enrolled.  Soon, with the updates of the Student Information System, we may be able to use that information here at Student Health.  Until then, you must re-submit your insurance info to SHS to allow us to bill your insurance company on your behalf.