Research on Multilingual Education

The BuckLER Center supports research in the area of multilingual language education, including TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages), world/foreign language, and dual/bilingual language education.

The faculty in the BuckLER Center are leading researchers and teachers in the field of Multilingual Language Education. Doctoral students studying the PhD in Multilingual Language Education have opportunities to collaborate with faculty on projects through the BuckLER Center.  Current projects include:

The Linguistic Landscape of Columbus
Over 100 languages are spoken by students in Columbus City Schools. This project is creating a representative map of the linguistic landscape of the city of Columbus with attention to the relationship of social class and language diversity. Pedagogical implications are being explored to develop student projects focused on using the LL to achieve content standards. Funded through the OSU College of Education & Human Ecology GSIRI grant (Graduate Student Interdisciplinary Research Initiative).

Project Team: Peter Sayer, Bethany Martens, Xinyue Lu, Mario Martínez García, Derek Braun

Recent presentations and publications:

  • Examining Social Class around Language Diversity through the Linguistic Landscape. AAAL 2021. American Association of Applied Linguistics.
  • Transdisciplinary Sociolinguistic Landscapes in Education (TSLEd): A pedagogical framework.  AAAL 2021. American Association of Applied Linguistics.


Proyecto Senderos
The dual language immersion model is a bilingual approach to educating emergent bilinguals/English language learners to achieve a high level of bilingualism and biliteracy. The Senderos partnership is a collaboration between the BuckLER Center and the Columbus Spanish Immersion Academy (CSIA) to support the implementation of a two-way dual language program. Graduate students have worked on aspects of assessment, classroom interaction and translanguaging, and teacher education.

Project members: Peter Sayer, Jessica Somerville, Grace Kim, Lindsey Rowe, Melissa Adams-Corral, Susan Ataei